Report of Applicants for 5 Job Position target 11 Employees

Dear All,

I hope you are doing well. As you are all aware, we posted job announcement to our websites and it was great to have total of 314 Applicants.
The deadline for application was 4th October 2018. On this 5th it was a day of revising all the applications and we selected those who have all the required documents.
As it is detailed in the announcement, written exam will take place on Monday 8th October 2018. We are still waiting confirmation from Christian University for space, time given was 2 pm @Habinshuti Patrice in Charge. Then Interview on 11th October 2018 which is Thursday 2018.
This is a summary of applications 
Writing Exam
No Positions Applied for Applied Selected
1 MCC Associate Manager 68 45
2 Cooperative Support Officer 231 205
3 Business Dev Manager 4 2
4 Research Consultancy and Extension 4 4
5 Administrative Assistant 7 7
Total Applicants 314 263
Thank you all for your times and hard work. I hope if we keep up the spirit all will come for us.
God bless your dreams!

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