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MUGIRA Davis has become a bridge between farmers and consumers through ICT

Mugira Davis is a Rwandan entrepreneur who is becoming a bridge between farmers and consumers using ICT;
especially through his eHaho platform.

“I observed that there is a big problem in agriculture where it is not easy for farmers to find a market of
their harvest. So I thought of how to create e-commerce platform to help them to meet buyers.” he said.

Mugira who owns Spiderbit Company in Kigali says that they also bring service providers in agriculture close
to farmers, where a farmer or rural agrodealers is able to order for farm inputs from Kigali city suppliers.

Mugira, who ventured into agriculture business in 2015, encountered usual challenges including low capital to
reach as many farmers as possible. But as a problem solver, try to overcome by integrating interns in the

“It requires reaching farmers, teaching them on how to use ICT…It takes a time…It requires patience and
consistence to change their mind set but we have not enough capital. As a solution; today we are working with
interns and I see they are helping us so much.” Recalls Mugira.

Giving an example of how hard reaching the people is, Mugira never cease to say that the answer is within
them to find a way to overcome the challenge.

“We have an order of more than 2.5 tons/week of passion fruits and now taking on Avocado order of 14 tons but
it is really hard to sustain these purchase orders. We have to reach more farmers as soon as possible but we
have no enough resources to reach to a big number of farmers to source for these crops, train the farmers
proper harvesting techniques and aggregation centre facilities setup.

But the solution is within us, we have to find a way out. We have to join hands to get funds.” Explains
Mugira with a confident voice.

Mugira targets his system to be of significant help to every farmer who have recently claimed of having crops
but with limited markets.

“We want to see every farmer in Rwanda using our system to meet customers and customers know that our system
is where they can pass through to meet quality havest. We never want to hear again farmers saying that they have
enough harvest but no markets.” He said.

Although Spiderbit Company employs 6 permanent employees, Mugira targets to have 150 employees: 5 in each of 30
districts in coming years.

Mugira who won Innov8Agric Challenge 2018-Rwanda (during Meet The farmer conference), Tony Elumelu Foundation
award-2018 and ICT4AG -2015 says that it pleases him to have his established platform, which is a more futuristic
and comprehensive tool for Agrarian sector.

Rwanda has committed to transforming the country through ICT. In this initiative Information and Communication
Technologies (ICTs), social media, Web 2.0 and mobile applications are changing the face of agriculture which
occupies above 90% of the population.

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