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Iradukunda, a successful entrepreneur due to hibiscus plant

Iradukunda Yvonne Emmanuella; a 20 years old entrepreneur in Agribusiness ,is taking advantages from Hibiscus plant by producing juice, wine, Liquor and tea after struggles of unemployment.

Iradukunda, a Kayonza based citizen in Eastern Province, picks hibiscus to be her brand to success after finishing her secondary studies and apply for different job vacancies but in vain.

”After my secondary studies, I realized that it is not easy to get a job by applying for job vacancies. You submit your application documents and they promise you to get their response soon but the result remains the same until you give up. ” She said

Iradukunda says that another inspiration to make hibiscus her business tool, is that it has been a traditional medicine to her mother’s chronic diseases.

“Hibiscus plant has been a medicine to my mother who suffered from chronic diseases namely: lumbago and venous disease.” She added

Iradukunda, who owns Rwasagabo Beverage Limited, says that she started her business with one hundred thousand Rwandan Francs as a capital but encountered some challenges of people who were not accustomed to hibiscus products.

“It was very difficult for me to get marketplace at the beginning because hibiscus juice was new in shopkeepers’ ears. Some of them promise to pay later and they didn’t pay. Others used or rejected products.” Recalls Iradukunda

Eventhough the business started in January 2018; many have been achieved so far as Iradukunda explains.

“We currently employ 10 employees in a farm of 1.5 hectares and 9 private farmers who work in their own farms on a contractual agreement. We also have 5 permanent employees in our company.”

Iradukunda says that due to a wide connection of markets, the capital increases from one hundred thousand to above one million Rwandan francs. She is currently supplying in Nyagatare, Kayonza, Rwamagana, Kigali, Gisenyi and Goma.

This young entrepreneur, who targets to expand her marketplace on international level in coming years, advises the youth to dare engaging in agro processing business by starting with local natural plants to tackle unemployment issue.

Hibiscus plant can help with weight loss and cancer and it also helps relieve conditions that include: upset stomach, high blood pressure, bacterial infections and fever.

By RYAF Communication Department 


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