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RYAF shop, a motivational cornerstone for youth to intervene in agribusiness–Minister Rwanyindo

While inaugurating RYAF shop locates in Kigali downtown on 28th November,2018 ,Minister of Public  and Labour says that RYAF shop is an engine of good learnt practices among youth to intervene in agribusiness sector which will helps Rwanda to tackle unemployment issue .

RYAF shop comes in existence in 2017, where Rwanda Youth in agribusiness Forums invited young agripreneurs across the country to bring their products in the shop to market them and gain customers as well.

Rwanda Youth in agribusiness Forums says that one of the reasons to initiate RYAF Shop includes a way of motivating traditional farmers to engage in agriculture as a profession.

“RYAF Shop is good way to motivate traditional farmers to adopt modern agriculture which results in doing agriculture as a profession. This will encourage youth to intervene in agriculture as profession which will help us to tackle unemployment issue among youth.” Confirms RYAF Chairman Jean Baptiste Hategekimana

Ministry of Public and Labour emphasises that the shop inspires the youth who are not agripreneurs to engage in the sector of agro processing and start their own farming project.

“RYAF shop is model to the youth who are not yet intervening in agro processing. As you see the fresh products cultivated by the Youth, and produce them from final product; absolutely the whole process has been done by the youth. So this is a good learnt practice for youth to engage in agro processing sector.” Says Rwanyindo Kayirangwa Fanfan, Minister of Public and Labour.

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum who owns RYAF Shop plans to expand the shop by adding fresh products.

“We plan to add other products in the shop because as you see we do not have fresh products in the shop that are produced from these available final products, so we are working on packaging to have livestock and crop products in our shop.” Added Hategekimana

Within RYAF Shop there are different varieties of products namely wine, biscuits, liquor, tea, juice and oil made from different plants such as Hibiscus, Nettle, sugarcane, avocado and so many others.

RYAF Shop worth 14 million Rwandan francs and brings together 18 companies of young agripreneurs across the country.


By RYAF Communication Team


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