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Niyidukunda turned useless avocadoes into a dependable project

Niyidukunda Mugeni Euphrosine, a Huye based citizen started processing avocadoes into oil to add value to this fruit which was formerly used to feed pigs, a project that is improving lives.

This young girl from Mbazi sector where her business is located confirms that this region is suitable for avocado plant as residents grow it in mass but many of them never benefited from the fruit; her idea of agro-processing business.

Niyidukunda, a University of Rwanda’s student in Business Administration explained that her business started in 2017 in partnership with her colleague.

“Due to the fact that our region grows avocado in mass to the extent that people used to feed them to pigs, I realized that it was a big opportunity to start a project of extracting oil from the fruit as I already knew its health benefits to human body.” she explained

After being part of ‘DOT Rwanda’ training beneficiary on self employment, Niyidukunda started with 40 Thousand Rwandan francs as a startup capital, money she got from monthly living allowance fees (bursary) and bought avocado processor machine. She entered a competition with her co-trainees and won 400 thousand Rwandan francs as a prize to promote the business.

“With 400 thousand Rwandan francs, we got a promotion by buying a big sum of avocadoes, processing them with the machine but with a limited production since our customers never got satisfied. In the end of 2017 we participated in Youth Connect competition; where we came second and get awarded with 3 million Rwandan Francs. With this award, we added other amount to reach 5.6 million we used to buy other big machines.” Said Niyidukunda

Useless avocadoes now turned to be useful by its oil

The business operation went up as they now produce20 litres of oil per week. Many people got interested in the product which result to get another award worth 4.3 million Rwf.With this amount they bought another machine with which they hope to increase their limited production.

One litre bottle of cooking oil costs 10.000 Rwf, while a small bottle of hair lotion costs 2.000 Rwf. But now she still never satisfies the market of hotels and beauty shops who are their esteem customers.

“Today I have a client who commands 100 bottles of hair lotion per week but I am not able to deliver his command properly. Another one orders 100 litres a week but limited by my 20 litres only per week due to insufficient capital.” She said

Her hope to supply an existing market place remains due to a recent chat with BDF where she hopes to get a loan of 10 million Rwf to improve her business.

The oil she extracted from avocado can be used while cooked or fresh poured on food. Avocado oil also contains diverse nutrients.

During a seasonal growing in Huye, avocadoes were too cheap to buy like 20 Rwf on 1 piece but now Niyidukunda buy their crop on 150 Rwf per kilo to value this fruit.

Niyidukunda who employs 4 permanent employees with a monthly salary of 60.000 Rfw per one and 6 other casual workers, seeks to increase this number to the basis of how her project which is now worth 10 million Rwf will grow.


Her project worth 10.000.000 Rwandan Francs

Niyidukunda, who estimates her monthly salary of 100.000 Rwf, is in her final year at University of Rwanda, which result to the insufficient time to follow her business’s daily activities. She said that she will never apply for any job but will offer jobs.

During Youth caravan 2018 which took place in Kigali on 27th to 29th November, Rwanda youth In Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) in partnership with different partners, reminded youth to take advantage of opportunities they have to make good quality projects that will be funded or get loans.


             By RYAF Communication Team

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