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RYAF targets 100 million trees of fruits planted countrywide

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) wants to tackle malnutrition challenge and increase horticulture exports mainly fruits by planting 100 million of fruit trees in five years from 2019.

The initiative kicked off last Saturday in Kamonyi district, where RYAF together with partners distributed and planted 3,500 trees among the 8,000 targeted in Nyarubaka sector’s Gitare cell. 8 December 2018

 “This is a milestone to help citizens fight malnutrition and get access to finance. We need to supply the agro-processing factories our country with enough produce from the fruits. We believe the fruits we are planting will contribute to the exports in coming years.” Hategekimana said

He calls for more young generation to plant fruit trees for a sustainable business and development and make it culture. Noted

Philippe Rutayisire a citizen of Nyarubaka sector Gitare cell who benefited from this initiative commended the efforts of RYAF to give them fruit trees that will contribute to their family nutrition and increase their financial capacity.

“The fruits we have got from RYAF will help us to feed our children with protective nutrients and make money when we get the yield,” Rutayisire said.

Kamonyi District targeted to plant 2,400 fruit trees this year. The district got 8,000 trees, which means that their target exceeded 5600 trees only in one cell of one sector.

Alexis Nkurunzinza, the coordinator of National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB) in Southern Province said this initiative will help Government to increase the number of export quantity in Europe we will continue to work closely with RYAF to support this program through providing technical and managerial guidance on the project initiative,

The initiative is also to increase the surface planted with trees more specifically with fruit trees and encouraging the young generation and local communities to actively planting fruit trees at home, proper maintenance for their food and nutritional securities, but mostly financial returns and healthy environment. 

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) through in this program has committed to plant to 100,000,000 fruit trees across the country, including avocados, mangoes, papaya, citrus, apple and other will be considered at high rates while encouraging also business opportunities presented by shrubs including tamarillo, passion fruits, pineapple, strawberries etc.

Through in this program RYAF target to plant 100 Million Fruit plants in different districts of Rwanda in 5 years where 15,000,000 fruit trees will be planted in  first year , 25,000,000 in second year , 35,000,000 in third year , 15,000,000 in fourth year and 10,000,000 in fifth year .

Forests and agroforestry systems play an important role in supporting the livelihood of all Rwandans by providing most of the energy consumed by the majority of the population, controlling soil erosion, protecting water catchments, supplying fruits and ecological services.

The vision 2020 recognizes that thenational forest cover must be significantly increased up to 30% of the nationalland area and the agroforestry systems should cover 85% of the cultivatedland (MINILAF, 2018). Planting fruit trees has been proved to be astandalone solution to fight malnutrition and alleviate the hidden hanger.

by RYAF Communication Team

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