RYAF calls youth to venture in Agribusiness by registering their businesses.

Rwanda’s vision on Agricultural development is to achieve food security for its citizens and to fight poverty by attaining per capita income of US$1240 by the year 2020 that is underway and agricultural transformation has been identified as one of the major pillars for achieving the Vision 2020 goals.

The country targets a sustained growth rate of 9% in the agricultural sector and youth (16-35) are recognized as the majority of the Rwandans, reason why Rwanda youth in agribusiness forum (RYAF) wants to fully involve them in this sector.

RYAF has planned to conduct a national survey to map all the youth (aged 18-35) currently involved in agribusiness. The outcome of this exercise will result in a real database of all youth engaged in the agribusiness, which can be used by all stakeholders and the government to inform policy, advocacy, and support.

The first induction of this program was started last year on 23rd November 2018, with 100 youth who are and dealing with the agriculture sector. So far, more than 1000 youths have already registered their businesses.

Jean Baptiste HATEGEKIMANA, Chairman of RYAF highlighted that the importance of this database of youth in agribusiness is to create a culture of accountability and for RYAF to use number in identifying all the youth in Agribusiness respective of their clusters and areas of operation and sub-clusters), location by village, cell, sector district and by sex to use statistics in any intervention of the Forum to its member as well as the stakeholders.

“Mapping program is really a good way to know and find easily young people who have agribusiness projects across the country and supporting them how they can grow their businesses, linking them to the market and other stakeholders is vital,” Hategekimana says.

He noted that the mapping program will play a crucial role in the forum to recognize youth in agribusiness and know what kind of support and advocacy they need and activities of agribusiness they are involved in. “We want to encourage more youth to venture into agribusiness,” he added.

In line with encouraging youth to venture in agribusiness, the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Agriculture of Agriculture (MINAGRI) has launched a nationwide platform with the purpose to change the current perception among youth vis-a’-vis the agriculture sector in Rwanda, while orienting them to seize opportunities in the sector.

RYAF core task is to create a critical mass of youth as change agents in Agribusiness through encouraging, supporting and advocating for them and involve them in agro-processing, crop farming, livestock, inputs production, service provision, and ICT for Agriculture.

By RYAF Communication Team

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