Young agripreneurs believe in the future of agriculture that is not of words but deeds

Anitah Kansiime Birasa is a 25-year-old Rwanda woman, member of Rwanda youth in agribusiness forum (RYAF) and CEO of Tani Enterprises which produces Tani fresh yoghurt in Nyagatare District in Eastern Province of Rwanda. She has experienced a rapid transformation in her life by producing good quality yoghurt.

Ms Kansiime was born in Nyagatare District, developed an interest in agriculture at an early age, started a small enterprise which deals in milk value addition. Due to the high amount of milk that at times get spoilt and increasing number of malnutrition cases amongst the children in her district, influenced her to think of a solution and the solution is value addition of milk. 

Her ambition was to venture into an agribusiness where she could inspire other youth and fellow young women to take the agriculture sector as a sector of opportunity for young people.

After completing her bachelor’s degree of vocational studies in agriculture with education at KYAMBOGO University of Uganda in 2017, she made research on an Agribusiness that required a little capital to start and could solve some of the available issues in her district.

About Tani Enterprise Ltd: 

Tani Enterprises is a small but fast-growing enterprise based in Nyagatare district, Eastern province that started on 10th of December 2018.It majors in value addition of milk due to the high malnutrition levels in most of the young children in the district and high amount of milk in the district hence coming out with a solution. 

What led you to start this kind of business?

I chose to make fresh yoghurt in a way of reducing the level of malnutrition cases especially amongst the babies and young children which will enable me to play a crucial role in the development of my district.

Tell us about your triumphs in the venture: 

My Enterprise was able to put out our first product which is Tani fresh Yoghurt. Secondary, Yoghurt is a highly nutritious beverage. Being on the market it has managed to improve the health of the people most especially the babies and young kids plus the elderly since they are the ones that have high calcium needs. Tani enterprise has managed to provide jobs to some workers hence reducing the level of unemployment in the country

Lastly, Tani enterprise is located in an area with so much milk that even goes beyond its peak season. Through value addition, it has been able to reduce this problem

What are some of the hardships you have encountered?

Some of the seasons are not favourable for producing fresh yoghurt because of different pathogens associated with milk in Nyagatare district this led to a high competition from already established companies, less capital hence limiting us from producing a variety of product at a large scale and also expanding the product to far away of consumers, packaging materials delay on the way and are a little bit expensive hence increasing the cost of production.

Where do you see your business in 5 years from now? 

I see Tani Enterprise as a very big company that has all the relevant machinery, inputs and producing on a large scale, famous both locally and internationally for its quality products.

What advice would you give to someone interested in starting up a new business as you? 

You don’t need much capital to start. You can even start with small money until you have established customer relationships, start where you are and with what you have because if you don’t, you may never start at all.

From RYAF Communication Team

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