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Dr Jean Claude NKURIKIYINKA recommended Youth to plant neem plantations

In line with planting 100 million fruit plantation across the country RYAF staff visited Dr Jean Claude NKURIKIYINKA a neem farmer from Bugesera District in Eastern Province of Rwanda for seeking how crucial this plantation is, on the international market and youth should engage as our economy need to increase its export capacity.

What led you to plant neem plantations?

We have pyrethrum in Ruhengeri a plant used for insecticides which are not enough here in Rwanda, after making research I have seen that neem can help us to increase crop production as used pesticide.

Do you have neem seedlings?

For someone who wants to plant neem, we look for seedlings and give him but we want to partner with youth through RYAF, I argue youth to make a deep research on neem trees because neem can give a different product like neem oil, and also provide cure and pesticide, Neem trees increase soil fertility…

How much does it cost per kg of neem?

Right now, I don’t know the price but we have to make a research and know all the expenses during neem plantation thus will help to know how much money for sell.

In which region of Rwanda Neem trees grow and how long it takes to harvesting?

Neem can be grown in all provinces of Rwanda being grown in Bugesera district without enough water we also planted neem in Kigali Kicukiro and Gasabo district the results show that neem tree can be grown ill sides of Rwanda, Neem trees give production after 4 years.

According to organicfacts.net Neem Plantation is the common name of an extremely important tree native to the Indian Subcontinent, although it now grows in certain parts of the Middle East as well. Neem trees are actually in the mahogany family trees

Through the program to plant fruit trees, Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) has the target to plant 100 Million Fruit trees in different districts of Rwanda in 5 years where 15,000,000 fruit trees will be planted in the first year, 25,000,000 in second year, 35,000,000 in third year , 15,000,000 in fourth year and 10,000,000 in fifth year .

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