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Envisioning agriculture as a business for youth in Africa

Agriculture can be an essential driver of economic development and an area of great opportunity for Africa’s youth. However, most young people in the country do not see agriculture as a profitable opportunity. 
Agriculture is the single – largest source of income for rural Africans and contributes to a quarter of the continent’s gross domestic product. The sector occupies more than 70 percent of the labor force in Africa’s low-income countries and contributes to food security and poverty reduction.
However, agriculture cannot meet its potential for growth if it does not increase in productivity and if the opportunities along value chains are not explored.
Africa is a youthful continent, but the region has by far the highest rate of working povertyestimated at 40 percent in 2012. Working is a necessity for most young people. This growing youth population (60 percent of Africans are between 16-24 years of age) doesn’t see agriculture as a profitable opportunity, but rather, as subsistence farming or a dead end.
We see agriculture as an essential driver of economic development and an area of great opportunity for young people in Africa.
To engage youth in agriculture, on 26/3/206 Government of Rwanda has been established RYAF ……as a platform established to bring together different youth organizations, individual youth farmers and entrepreneurs in Agriculture sector working in one or many of the following sub-sectors: crops production, livestock, value addition and agro-processing, inputs and other Agro-services (extension, marketing, food packaging, farm mechanization, seed multiplication etc.) as well as ICT for Agriculture in Rwanda. The platform aims to change the old fashion mind-set among the youth vis-à-vis the agricultural sector in Rwanda, for a convened support, follow up, coordination and raising a strong voice in on way which orient stakeholders and partners to efficiently and reach out to needy youth in many ways.
So, far we have more than 4000 youth members who are in Agribusiness sector and RYAF is committed to increase the number of membership through collaborate with different partners to support small business of young agripreneurs across the country.


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