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Agriculture stakeholders to discuss on the irrigation and agribusiness finance in Rwanda

Following the workshop held in Kigali on Thursday May 23, 2019, on irrigation and agribusiness financing in Rwanda, agriculture stakeholders raised awareness on the need of access to finance and identified possible avenues for channeling financial services to support the growth of Small Scale Irrigation Technology (SSIT) sector. Speaking at the event, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), Jean Claude Musabyimana highlighted the contribution of stakeholders to boost irrigation sector in Rwanda

He added, “We strongly believe that this discussion will be productive to the farmers through increasing Agriculture productivity and get financial support from different donors.

During the event, participants discussed the role of partnership in advancing irrigation and agribusiness in Rwanda and the value that different stakeholders can generate by working together.

Mr. Celestin Nakuredusenge, Business Development Manager at Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Form (RYAF) spoke on behalf of RYAF and shared the experience and the contribution of RYAF to transform Agriculture sector through changing and challenging the mindset of young people vis a vis in agriculture to become agribusiness oriented.

During this workshop, the key actors including representatives from the Government of Rwanda, farmer organizations, private sectors in agribusinesses, financial institutions, academic development partners,  and Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs), signed a statement of agreement for their commitments to put hands together, while implementing the resolutions of the workshop and to support the establishment of frameworks that will ensure access to finance for irrigation and agribusiness among small and medium sized famers through coordinated effort of the above mentioned actors

The Government of Rwanda is implementing a policy on small-scale irrigation with a 50% subsidy and has a comprehensive strategy for irrigation, development targeting 102,000 Ha by 2024 (MINAGRI)

This policy above will help to improve the food security, by proposing optimal uses of water and land resources for irrigation-uses that will provide more food for the rural and urban population in all areas

Irrigate and modernize agricultural technology can become the driving force for exploitation of hillside land planted with high value-added in crops that will increase the earnings for Rwanda communities.

From RYAF Communication Team

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