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The farmers of Northern Province thanks RYAF /RDDP for supporting them

The farmers of Northern Province of Rwanda in Gicumbi, Musanze and Burera districts thanks RDDP project through in Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness forum (RYAF) for great support gave them.

Emmanuel Kaburame one of member of KOGIAGI (Giramata mu Gicumbi) thanks RDDP in partnership with RYAF to send an employee on their Cooperative due to increasing milk and disorder stopped. “After Jean Bosco BIZIMANA arrived on cooperative, milk production increase from 500L in 2018 to 1200L and also selling milk disorder stopped, he helped to create the project”

Jean Bosco Bizimana said that the first challenge encountered when arrived at KOGIAGI were low milk supplied to MCC due to late payment of farmers an inadequate knowledge to manage dairy cattle bad management of MCC limited to access to finance for cooperative loan of the bank, inefficient transportation systems  that leads to milk spoilage ..

Comes at about70% through linking farmers to banks( BPR,BK,RI M, COGEBANK, SACCO, ZIGAMA SCC,UMWARI MUSACCO)farmers were trained on farm management and dairy production, good management of cooperative, changing cooperative leader s and train transporters on hygiene of milk. . .

Both KOGIAGI and COOPEMOBU MCC Rwesero milk records…are done by time milk production are increasing after RYAF /RDDP sent an employee at MCC 

In Burera District at CEPTL before RDDP through on RYAF sent there were low milk reception, there were any addition service at MCC like pharmacy and feed shop the cooperative were mainly working in loser ,there were any strategic plan and action plan.. Now MCC has begun processing ikivuguto at MCC, the milk rejection has been reduced and also milk hygiene has been improved the members received money through on bank account.

In Musanze District at Kinigi MCC there were low LFFS group numbers, no mastitis control in MCC and small cooling capacity, high loser and bad hygiene after sending an employee, MCC management is more improved than before, increasing of LFFS groups and hygiene and increasing of milk received by MCC, to encourage of farmer and milk transporters to use of cans and also help farmers to create the project.

The roles of RDDP through on RYAF are clearly visible to all MCC (KOGIAGI COOPEMOBU MCC Rwesero, CEPTL Kinigi and Muhoza) due to milk increasing and good  management of cooperative ,and hygiene of milk and milk rejection reduced.

From RYAF Communication

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