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SPIU IFAD Acting Coordinator urged Cooperative Support Officers to develop entrepreneurship mind set and start their new businesses.

During five years ago, the Climate Resilient Post-Harvest and Agribusiness Support Project PASP, under IFAD funded projects, was mandated to assist the producer organizations in terms management, financial records keeping, development of strategic plan and action plans, increasing productivity as well as and finding potential markets for their produce. Cooperatives this mandate was concerned with cooperatives operating under crop production namely maize, beans, cassava, Irish potatoes, vegetables and fruits among other commodities. To reach its objectives, the PASP project has partnered with other service provider among other, Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum included.

On Friday July19th, 2019 during the PASP Project closing ceremony, the SPIU-IFAD funded projects acting Coordinator Mr. Alexis NDAGIJIMANA called upon RYAF Cooperative Support Officers to change their mindset and use their experience to start their new businesses

The event brought together 80 Cooperative Support Officers from Rwanda youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) who have been operating with producer organizations for 1 year ago where there have been serving and assisting the cooperatives in terms of cooperative management, financial record keeping, strategic plan and action development, increase in production as well as marketing. A number of cooperatives assisted among others which produce maize, beans, cassava, potatoes, vegetables and fruits among other commodities.

In his opening remarks, the SPIU acting coordinator appreciated the achievements of the project service providers for making beneficiaries to lift out from poverty and step up in terms of postharvest losses reduction at 90%

According to the different evidences, RYAF-PASP have been intervening across 12 districts nationwide, working with the farmers to the transform the community’s livelihoods. All opportunities available in agribusiness sector should be seized through developing entrepreneurship mind set and start businesses, added SPIU coordinator.

The SPIU coordinator asserted that as it is time for PASP project closure, this is the best time to use the skills and experience got from the project implementation while looking for looking for other opportunities which are available in the agricultural sector.

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