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Pig farming not difficult as some youth may think

Mr Etienne Mudacumura 32, a pig farmer of Kicukiro district, Gatenga sector, has experienced a rapid transformation in his life, and decided to try out professional pig farming by realizing how profitable the venture could be.

Mudacumura, who now owns more than 50 pigs and sell a number of them every year, said he started with three pigs, two female pigs and one male pig in 2015.

He started out with capital of Rwf 180,000, which he used to buy local pigs and build their shed.

From my experience, pig farming doesn’t require huge capital. It is easier for farmers because these domestic animals do not have special or unique dietary requirements’ Mudacumura said.

After realizing that local breed of pigs is not as profitable, he decided to change to a different breed.

The local one deliver between four and five piglets, but the hybrid delivers between 12 and 17 piglets ‘he said

He brought in two pregnant pigs and after two months, one delivered 11 piglets while the other delivered 14, he said

I stared from there and have been making money from it, every year I sell piglets and one can cost between Rwf 90,000 to Rwf 120,000 Rwf while the medium sized one can cost between Rwf 100,000 and Rwf 150,000, he said.

However, the challenge remains the mindset of potential clients who often don’t know the value of pigs, and want to pay every little amount, which could render his venture unprofitable given the investment he makes, he said.

‘Some people especially residents from Kicukiro District think that a piglet can be sold as little as Rwf 7, 000 to Rwf 15,000 which would only apply to the breed of pigs. For the professional pig farmers, they make investment to make sure they are well fed and are kept under ideal conditions” Mudacumura said.

We also still have a problem of market as we don’t have any slaughter slab in Rwanda. each farmer has their own way of selling their products which makes prices irregular. We think if the government helps us with slaughter slabs, this business would be more productive and create more jobs’, he said.

He advised youth and other unemployed people to try pig farming as it doesn’t require much capital and brings profit over a short period.

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) started side to visits its members involved in pig rearing in order to see the status, challenges, give advice and advocate for the development of pig rearing across the country.

Theoneste Hakuzimana, Head of livestock Production at RYAF, talked about the new initiative they have to support youth who are involved in pig farming in Rwanda.

In line with inspiring other youth to venture in this sector RYAF is willing to mapping all youth who are in pigs farming in order to increase capacity building and train them how to become professional pig farmers.

From RYAF Communication Team

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