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Professional internship helped youth to create a company which sprays pesticides at Bugarama marshland

Baho najye mbeho Ltd is a company that sprays pesticides at Bugarama Marshland, headed by Emmanuel Ukurikiyeyesu and has 6 member shareholders. The idea of creating this company came after a professional internship acquired during the fiscal year of 2017-2018 by Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) in partnership with The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Rwanda (MINAGRI).

“After finishing the professional internship, we found the challenges that prohibited the rice farmers to increase their crop productivity, we approached the cooperative representatives and showed them our idea of a company that helps and coaching the farmers on the ways of positive solutions for spraying pesticides, to kill pests and enhance productivity among crops. This is how the Baho nanjye mbeho Ltd company was born,” Ukurikiyeyesu said.

“The name of Baho nanjye mbeho Ltd came from the idea that, as professionals in Agriculture, we tried to find a long-term solution on both sides. On the side of the farmers and employees hired by landowner(s), after then, Baho nanjye mbeho ltd gathered together farmers employees to work as professionals in pesticides spraying, using proper and convenient products as well as farming as business, so that money paid to them can be useful to lift them out of poverty.” Ukurikiyeyesu said.

Soon after, the company was created, the owners found the way farmers sprayed pesticides was not convincing, where some of them did while others didn’t. it was also found that even the used pesticides were not trusted enough to be useful, which could lead to poor crop productivity.

The company came to address all those challenges, urging the cooperative members to buy best and quality pesticides depending on the diseases which may attack their crops. Mainly, Rice is known as the Bugarama Marshland’s crop which farmers used to grow.


According to Ukurikiyeyesu, lack of financial capacity is the key challenge Baho nanjye mbeho Ltd is facing right now.

“We still have a challenge of lack of financial capacity as the company is fresh. We finished studies without having startup money, we made request to RYAF and MINAGRI for advocacy and support to enable the company implement its idea and achieve its goals” Ukurikiyeyesu said.

He added that the company is operating with 1 cooperative among 4 cooperatives in the Bugarama Marshland, which is not productive to the entire area.

RYAF through the MINAGRI should help the company to operate with all 4 cooperatives in the entire land.

Bugarama Marshland has 1,428 hectares owned by 4 cooperatives with more than 7,000 Farmers producing rice in Rusizi District, Western Province.

Emmanuel HARERIMANA, the cooperative representative which is in partnership with Baho nanjye mbeho Ltd appreciated the initiative by RYAF and MINAGRI to give them internship program that improves professionalism in Agriculture and Agribusiness.

From RYAF Communication Team

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