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Young Rwandan man’s success story on adding value to the crops production in Rwanda.

Genuine innovation limited is a company that adds value to the crops production in Rwanda. It was founded by Marc NIYIGEZA, who is its CEO too. It is located in Nyarugenge District, Rwezamenyo Sector. It adds value to the crops production including carrots, papaya and tomatoes. They produce wine, flour, confiture from carrots, confiture from papaya and ketchup made from tomatoes.

Marc NIYIGEZA said “Before having this idea of adding value to the crops including carrots, tomatoes and papaya, we had been producing carrots since I came from the family of cultivators. By that time, we had been producing a huge production of carrots which resulted to the lack of market.  I have then grown up with an idea of adding value to the crops in order to improve a Rwandan farmer’s living. In 2017, I started doing research of what I can make from carrots. By that time, I produced wine from carrots.

At the end of 2018, I produced confiture and flour from carrots.  So, right now; we have different products from tomatoes, papaya and carrots. As Genuine innovation limited, we have three goals: the first one is to improve a Rwandan farmer by maximizing the value of the harvest, so that no quantity will be wasted, which will lead them to the development. The second goal is to assist the Rwandan government to improve “made in Rwanda” so that to enhance the products made in Rwanda to minimize the imports, and we increase the exports. The third goal is to decrease the unemployment rate among the graduates.”

Marc NIYIGEZA also said that in order to collaborate with the government to get rid of malnutrition while they produce the crops that can help to fight against such a problem. On 7th of this month, they trained forty group representatives who learned more on how to easily produce juice from papaya and carrot, which will help them to produce such a product while they are in their villages.

As one of the entrepreneurs in agriculture, he faces the challenges including lack of production machine to shift from manual production which is not efficient to the modernized products made in machine. Another challenge is lack of the market.  

“It is not easy for the startup. There are basic materials you must have in order to get the product which you take to the market even the marketing is very expensive.” Niyigena said

“I thank the Rwandan government through RYAF as the youth forum for agriculture since they brought us “zamukana ubuziranenge” program, which helps us (the young entrepreneurs in agriculture) to make the standardized products which can’t harm Rwandans since we are advised to work in hands with Rwanda Standard Board. We wish Genuine Innovation Ltd. will expand so that it will employ Rwandan youth and farmers in general in five or ten years.” NIYIGEZA Marc concluded.

From RYAF Communication Team

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