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RCVD launches the 1st Annual Rwandan Veterinary Scientific Conference 2019

On December 4, 2019, about 100 veterinarians from across the country met in Kigali to attend the 1st Annual scientific conference, Under the theme; “The Role of Veterinarians and Animal Scientists in addressing challenges to sustainable development

The two-day meeting, officiated by Rutagwenda Theogene Director General of livestock in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI).

Speaking at the event Rutagwenda thanked the RCVD and its partners for organizing this yearly important conference in line with developing livestock sector in this country

The Director Rutagwenda highlighted the benefits that the conference provides all veterinarians and animal scientists including as a platform for researchers to showcase their innovations as well as foster interaction amongst professionals.

. “This conference also provides young scientists an opportunity to be inspired and to learn from more experienced vets in different fields,” he said.

 The RCVD PresidentDr. Francois Xavier Rusanganwa recognised the role played by the Government of Rwanda over the years following the tragedy of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi and the war that decimated the livestock population and had the country struggling to rebuild. “Today, Rwanda’s livestock population has grown significantly, and the quality and volume of animal sourced products has improved, thanks to a wide range of development and stakeholders”, he acknowledged.

Reflecting on the theme of the conference, the FAO Deputy Representative Dr. Otto Vianney Muhinda highlighted the significant role of veterinary professionals towards addressing challenges to sustainable development in line with livestock and SDGs. “We cannot underestimate the role the professional play to bring food to the table particularly towards increasing access, availability and consumption of animal sourced foods – including eggs, milk products, meat and fish” he remarked.

The conference has brought together veterinarians and animal scientists as well as other key industry stakeholders in acknowledging the role of scientific research to address various challenges faced by the livestock sector in Rwanda and across the East Africa region and beyond. Through paper presentations and discussions on selected animal health, animal welfare and production subject matters, the veterinarians and animal scientists will share knowledge and exchange new ideas contributing towards much desired continuous professional development

The Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors is the governing body in Rwanda responsible for ensuring established ethical values are observed by all animal health professionals including veterinarians, animal scientists and veterinary technicians.

The Government of Rwanda (GoR) is expected to draw many benefits from RCVD that was established by Law No 56/2013 with the general mission to ensure the provision of quality and reliable veterinary services, as it is used in other countries where farming and the veterinary profession are developed.

From RYAF Communication Team

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