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Farmers in Gisagara district compensated over losses faced from natural disasters.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) together with Radiant insurance company has compensated farmers in Gisagara district for losses they faced from floods. 
In a colorful ceremony held yesterday 16/01/2020 in Musha sector, Gisagara District, Southern Province, three cooperatives; Cyili, Ngiryi and Nyiramageni members received a total amount of Rwf 13,538,112 as compensation after facing floods that affected their rice plantations.
Speaking at the event, Marion NIRERE, the coordinator SPIU MINAGRI said that the previous farmers faced losses from disasters like diseases, floods, droughts but were never compensated and this affected their welfare, however with this scheme, farmers are relieved from these losses through compensation.

Marion NIRERE, the coordinator SPIU MINAGRI

She added that this program (National Agriculture Insurance Scheme) covers livestock, maize and rice crops although in July 2020, other crops such as beans, soya, cassava, sweetpotato will also be included in this scheme.“We believe that this insurance scheme will continue to empower farmers since their activities will be insured by reputable insurance companies to manage risks and losses amongst the smallholder farmers. Our intention is to get all smallholder farmers covered with this insurance scheme.” Nirere explained.
Jean Paul Habineza, the vice mayor of the district said that the household members of Gisagara district depend highly on agriculture and therefore they welcome the scheme. “Farmers will now be motivated to continue doing their daily activities of farming since their crops are assured and losses can be compensated from any disasters.” Said Habineza.
He noted that Farmers must be involved in modern farming, planting quality seeds and using good agronomic practices to increase their produce for both consumption and surplus for the market. He also mentioned that Gisagara as a district is committed to supply the whole Southern Province with food and quality milk.
According to the Jean de Dieu Nsangabandi, a farmer from Nyiramageni Cooperative, at first, farmers doubted the scheme but today’s event gave them assurance that their activities are protected. “Before, we have been affected by disasters like floods and diseases. we completely lost everything and this affected our lives, and of course our incomes. However, with the national agriculture insurance scheme, we shall continue to farm and feed of our families since we can be compensated in case of any disasters.”  Said Nsangabandi.
The National Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS) was launched on the 23rd of April 2019 at an event held in Nyanza District, Southern Province of Rwanda. 
The Scheme will mitigate risks and losses incurred by farmers due to unpredictable natural disasters, pests and diseases that affect their livestock and crops. “Tekana Urishingiwe Muhinzi Mworozi” (Meaning “Smallholder farmer, feel safe, you are insured”). The scheme which is subsidized up to 40% by the Government of Rwanda, will also enable the farmers to easily access financial services and ensure flow of credit to the agriculture sector.

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