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RYAF under RDDP project and other stakeholders in a campaign on mastitis control in Nyanza Milk Basin.

From the 21st to 24th January,  Rwanda Dairy Development Project (RDDP) in collaboration with RAB, RYAF, Nyanza and Huye districts are conducting a 4-day awareness campaign on mastitis control and milk hygiene in Nyanza milk Basin. 
This region hosts the biggest dairy processing plants such as Nyanza milk industries and Zirakamwameza dairy Ltd as well as small and medium dairy processing plants.
Thus, the increment in supply of quality milk is needed for the sustainability of these dairy processing plants and the profitability of small holder dairy farmers.
In the last months, we registered reduction in milk volumes supplied to milk processing plants and this was attributed to the poor milk collection channels and non respect of cold chain in milk collection centers.
In addition, the screening conducted on dairy cows revealed that mastitis prevalence was high (60%) in Nyanza milk basin.Mastitis is an inflammation of the udder tissue especially in dairy cattle which causes the deterioration of milk quality due to increase of somatic cells in milk.
The awareness that kicked off this week with a radio talkshow at RC Huye about the prevention and control of mastitis and good hygiene practices in handling milk, it proceeded throughout Nyanza district, Kibirizi and Ntyazo sectors.
Attended by over 600 dairy farmers and milk collection center cooperative leaders, the campaign facilitated increased knowledge to farmers and milk transporters on hygiene in milk handling, control and prevention of mastitis thus increasing the quality and quantity of milk from Nyanza milk basin.
According to Patrick Kajyambere  the Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affairs in Nyanza district,  “the campaign came in handy as solution to farmers inline with control of mastitis and other antimicrobial residues that affect the required production of milk.”He also thanked RDDP and RYAF for their contribution to increase milk production in Nyanza district.
Clarissa Nyinawumuntu, a farmer from Rwotso cell, Kibirizi sector in Nyanza district received training on mastitis control and prevention under the RDDP project. After putting in action what she was taught such as mantaining  cleanliness of the cowshed, proper feeding of the cows, her milk production has increased from 12 to 28 litres a day.
This campaign was also marked with a field visit to farmers from different sectors in Nyanza District  where RYAF staff helped  farmers to  know how control mastitis for to have sustainable measure to fight the diseases to ensure we produce good quality of milk. 
The main objective of this campaign  was to increase the quality of milk in Nyanza milk basin, through sensitization of farmers on Good Hygienic Practices, prevention and control of mastitis and efficient use of animal drugs.

From Ryaf Communication Team

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