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Meet Jean Claude Shirimpumu, a successful Pig keeper in Gicumbi district

Jean Claude Shirimpumu is a successful pig keeper living in Kageyo sectors, Gicumbi District. According to him, business doesn’t require high investments as many people think and with piggery farming, it is productive like having a domestic or home bank. Shirimpumu earns a profit of about Rwf2,500,000 per month from only pig keeping.

Shirimpumu who started by doing livestock farming in 2008 specifically rearing poultry, he later shifted to piggery farming after realizing how it is productive in short period of time with low investment.

This pig keeper emphasizes saying that, “the piggery keeping business doesn’t require much expenses according to the way i feed my domestic animals,” The pigs he keeps are 162 in number and he feeds them the food from his garden such as potatoes and maize. He said that feeding pigs is manageable because a 300kg pig consumes only 3kgs of food per day.

Doing piggery farming has enabled Shirimpumu to have other sources of income apart from from selling and buying pigs but also, he benefits from the study tour visits in his farming business. He said that he charges the guest according to their origin either Gicumbi resident or coming from outside this area. When a Gicumbi resident wants to visit his farm, he or she is charged Rwf2,000 and Rwf5,000 for a resident outside of Gicumbi.

Piggery farming business has wide market demand either locally or internationally. Pork as pig’s meat is actually on high demand in Rwanda although Shirimpumu also sells his pigs and pork to DR. Congo.

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