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World Bee Day 2020: protecting bees and other pollinators

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has had an undeniable impact on the beekeeping sector affecting the production, the market and as a consequence, the livelihoods of beekeepers.

This year, World Bee Day focused on bee production and good practices adopted by beekeepers to support their livelihoods and deliver good quality products.

To mark the Day, a virtual event – under the theme “Bee Engaged”

Bees and other pollinators like bats, butterflies are gradually under the global threat of extinction due to human activities. According to experts, the survival of our ecosystem is largely dependent on the fundamental process of pollination. Most of the flowering plant species either entirely or partly are dependent on animal pollination. Not only that but pollinators also contribute towards food security and conserving biodiversity.

Hence to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development, World Bee Day is celebrated.

World Bee Day 2020 aims at strengthening measures to protect bees and other pollinators like every year. According to United Nations guidelines, World Bee Day aims at significantly contributing to solving problems related to the global food supply chain and eliminate hunger in developing countries.

According to the Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI): Rwanda is a country that is suitable for bee keeping farming due to its ample climatic conditions, where an alternation of rainfall and sunshine paints an ideal conditions .There is domination of forests and other plants that are flower rich in nature which are good in generation of nectar that are source of honey too.

Rwanda is currently counting 83,182 bee keepers and 300,000 traditional bee hives, 75,000 langstroth, 90,000 kenyane which ignites a production of around 5600T per annum. 120 Cooperatives are so far roughly counted in the country. 

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