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Making farming more productive and Profitable for Rwandan Young Farmers.

She’s 20 years old girl but has made history by becoming the bet among of young agricultural entrepreneurs in Rwanda through grows and sells productive Fruit and Agroforestry seedlings in Kamonyi District Gacurabwenge sector.

Anne Tuyizere, is student at INES-Ruhengeri campus doing Biomedical Laboratory science in faculty of applied fundamental science in level II. She is also a Managing Director and founder of Natural seedlings nursery limited.

How she come up with the idea to start her own company: 
She said that this was initiated after analyzing the problem of malnutrition diseases in young children and environmental pollution around this community. It was also implemented as a way of giving back to my community as we are highly oriented in producing fruitwood and agroforestry seedlings of high quality and accessible to everyone. 
Its implementation took place in December 2019 under the support of MCF (Mastercard foundation) in collaboration with FAWE Rwanda and the owner herself. 

Currently NsN Ltd produce Fruitwood seedlings like (avocados: Hass and fuert varieties, tree tomatoes, passion tree, mangoes, oranges, lemons and orange) and agroforestry seedlings like (eucalyptus, Grevelia and philao ). 
Right now they have about 30000 seedlings but only 15000seedlings will be ready of the market by this October- November) because of this pandemic period that Abit delayed the activities.
This company have generated jobs to different people including Nursery technician (1) and other casual workers (8). To mean that we have 9 workers both males (3) and females (6).Within these females they have employed young girls who finished their secondary schools but they didn’t get the chance to pursue their tertiary schools due to poverty. they work as casual workers and this is Abit helping them.

Anne Tuyizere thanked MasterCard foundation for supported her with 4371500rwf to be given in 3 instalments. and as she has promised them to access the market for their products, she already received 2 instalments and the 3rd one will be handed to her after showing them that she does have accessibility to the market!! FAWE Rwanda also support her with trainings, mentorships….
Today her company continues to rebuild itself in a variety of ways, but The most challenge they have faced up to now is the accessibility to the market.

Natural seedlings nursery limited. is looking forward to work with Rwanda youth in Agribusiness forum(RYAF) and other organizations like Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), Ministry of Youth and Culture, MCF, FAWE -Rwanda and our government in all sectors so that they can create a kind of difference in our communities. through finding more investments for the growth of this project.Attachments area

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