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NAEB: Youth encouraged to grow coffee for sustainable development.

Young people are encouraged to grow coffee for their own development and increase their productivity in terms of quality and quantity.

According to the Director of the National Agricultural for Export Development Board (NAEB), Eng. Eric Ruganintwali, Quality Assurance Regulations Division Manager says that the youth of the country are called upon to cultivate coffee because it is rich and has the power and knowledge to do so.

“It was clear that young people were still small in coffee farming and this crop was lucrative, it is important that young people participate in coffee farming in order to develop and increase their coffee production due to their strength and knowledge.” Ruganintwali said

He says coffee growers are getting weaker, and he finds that young people should put more effort into the plant to be able to sustain it when their parents are already weak.

The NAEB leader, however, said that although many young people are not found in coffee farming, that it is in the processing industry due to its superior knowledge of the elders, and therefore finds that it has entered its agriculture with some increase.

Eng. Ruganintwali also says that there are older people who have a large area under coffee cultivation, and he finds that they should go and employ more young people as they are the ones who still have the energy to work, so that they will grow old and have those who will be left to take care of them.

Although the youth are not prevalent in coffee farming today, it is said to be predominant in vegetable and fruit farming, which is also part of the NAEB’s development agenda, as they are more productive in short term.

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