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Nyamasheke: 5Frw million chickens expected to fight malnutrition.

In Nyamasheke district, chickens worth 5.6 million Frw have been donated, which is expected to eradicate malnutrition among some children in different sectors of the district. They are chickens donated by Compassion International in partnership with the Free Methodist Church in Kibogora.

The project’s representative, Robert Ndayishimiye, said they donated chickens to curb malnutrition in children.

“Once we have seen the serious problem of malnutrition and child malnutrition, we have looked at the solution for parents and found that chickens can eradicate malnutrition in children where it will help them get eggs and sell them, feed them and have better nutrition,” he said.

Some of the recipients of the chicken say they already have children who are malnourished, and are going to help them get out of it and feed their children eggs and meat while they are breeding.

Mukanyungura Julienne said: “I did not have a pet at home which caused us to have malnutrition in my two children. These chickens will be productive and I will give eggs to the children from malnutrition.

Hanyurwimfura Samuel said, “I was well received for giving me chickens for breeding and even eggs to feed my children and me.”

Each of the 460 families in Kanjongo and Kagano Sectors was provided with five chickens and food to feed them.

Nyamasheke district administration appreciates the cooperation of charitable organizations in the eradication of malnutrition in children.

This year, 98 children are still malnourished in Nyamasheke district. Giving animals will help eradicate malnutrition in 98 children

460 families have been given chickens where each family has been given five to help eradicate malnutrition in children.

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