Mission and Vision

A future where young people are sustainably driving the agribusiness ecosystem at both national and regional level” .


RYAF envision to empower and equip young individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to lead the agribusiness sector with sustainability, precision, and impact. We envision a future where the collective efforts of young people create a thriving agricultural landscape, contributing to food security, economic growth, and environmental stewardship.


In this future, young agripreneurs are not just passive participants but dynamic change-makers who actively shape and influence the agricultural sector. They are supported by a strong network and comprehensive ecosystem that fosters collaboration, mentorship, and access to finance, technology, and markets. By leveraging their creativity, energy, and passion, young leaders drive innovation, adopt cutting-edge technologies, and implement sustainable practices that optimize resource utilization and reduce environmental impact.


At the national level, RYAF envisions young agribusiness leaders influencing policy frameworks, advocating for favorable conditions, and creating an enabling environment for youth engagement in agriculture. Through partnerships with government entities, civil society organizations, and private sector stakeholders, young leaders play a pivotal role in shaping agricultural policies that reflect the needs and aspirations of the youth, while also promoting inclusive growth, gender equality, and social equity.


At the regional level, RYAF strives for strong networks of young agripreneurs across borders, sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices. These regional networks facilitate cross-border trade, technology transfer, and collaboration, promoting regional integration and economic development. Through collective action, young leaders overcome common challenges, tap into regional markets, and explore opportunities for value addition, diversification, and export-oriented agriculture.


RYAF's vision embraces the principles of sustainability, recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, climate resilience, and responsible resource management. Young leaders champion practices such as regenerative agriculture, organic farming, and precision agriculture, harnessing the potential of technology, data analytic, and artificial intelligence to optimize productivity while minimizing environmental impact. They embrace circular economy models, promote biodiversity conservation, and address climate change challenges, positioning agribusiness as a driver of sustainable development.



In summary, the vision of RYAF is a future where young people are at the forefront of the agribusiness ecosystem, leading with sustainability, innovation, and social impact. Through their entrepreneurial spirit, they transform agriculture into a dynamic and thriving sector, ensuring food security, economic prosperity, and environmental resilience for present and future generations.




To innovatively promote, inform, advocate, mobilize, and empower Rwandan youth to actively engage in agribusiness,  ensuring  food security, enhanced market access, creation of dignified - fulfilling jobs, fostering sustainable and inclusive development.


We strive to inform and educate young people about the vast opportunities present in agribusiness, highlighting its potential as a viable and rewarding career choice. Through targeted awareness campaigns, capacity-building programs, and mentorship initiatives, we empower youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the agribusiness landscape and overcome the challenges they may encounter.


RYAF advocates for the interests of young agripreneurs, engaging with policymakers, government bodies, and stakeholders at all levels. We work to ensure that youth-led agribusiness initiatives receive the necessary support, including access to finance, infrastructure, markets, and technology. By actively promoting youth-friendly policies and regulations, we create an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment in the agribusiness sector.


Mobilization is a key pillar of our mission, as we believe in the strength of collective action. RYAF facilitates the formation of networks and platforms where young agripreneurs can connect, collaborate, and share experiences. Through these networks, we foster a sense of community, provide peer support, and facilitate knowledge exchange. By mobilizing youth and promoting collaboration, we unlock synergies, drive innovation, and enhance the overall impact of youth-led initiatives in the agribusiness sector.


Empowerment lies at the heart of RYAF's mission. We empower young people to take charge of their agribusiness ventures by providing them with access to resources, training, and mentorship. Through capacity-building programs, technical assistance, and entrepreneurship training, we equip young agripreneurs with the skills and confidence needed to succeed. Furthermore, we strive for gender equality, equity and socio inclusivity, ensuring that all young individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances, have equal opportunities to thrive in agribusiness.


Ultimately, RYAF's mission is to create a sustainable and inclusive agribusiness ecosystem in Rwanda.

By promoting youth engagement, we contribute to food security, enhance market access for agricultural products, facilitate the creation of dignified-fulfilling jobs , and foster sustainable and inclusive development. Through our collective efforts, we envision a future where the energy, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of young people drive positive change, transform the agribusiness sector, and contribute to the overall prosperity and well-being of Rwandan communities.



1. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity, acting with honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions. We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our stakeholders by consistently demonstrating integrity in our actions, decisions, and relationships.


2. Innovation: We embrace innovation as a catalyst for positive change in the agribusiness sector. We encourage creative thinking, exploration of new ideas, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and practices. We promote an innovative mindset that drives continuous improvement and enables us to find novel solutions to challenges.


3. Collaboration: We recognize the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from working together. We actively seek partnerships and engage in meaningful collaborations with individuals, organizations, and institutions in the agribusiness sector. By fostering collaboration, we leverage diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources to achieve shared goals and drive collective impact.


4. Empowerment: We are dedicated to empowering young individuals and youth led organizations in agribusinesses to unleash their full potential in the agribusiness arena. We provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills, resources, and opportunities to succeed. Through mentorship, capacity building, and access to networks, we empower young agripreneurs to take ownership of their growth and contribute to sustainable development.


5. Inclusivity: We value inclusivity and embrace diversity in all its forms. We strive to create an environment where all individuals, regardless of gender, age or background, feel valued, respected, and included. We actively promote equal opportunities, gender equality, and social equity to ensure that everyone has a voice and can contribute to the agribusiness sector's growth.


6. Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, decisions, and outcomes. We take responsibility for delivering on our commitments and ensuring transparency in our operations. We are committed to measuring and evaluating our progress, learning from our experiences, and continuously improving our performance to deliver maximum value and impact.


7. Impact: We are driven by the desire to create meaningful and long lasting impact in the agribusiness sector. We focus on generating tangible outcomes that address societal challenges, promote sustainability, and contribute to the well-being of communities. We measure our success by the positive change we bring about and the transformative effects we have on individuals, organizations, and the broader agribusiness ecosystem.


These values serve as guiding principles for RYAF's actions and decisions. By upholding integrity, fostering innovation, promoting collaboration, empowering individuals and organizations, embracing inclusivity, ensuring accountability, and driving impact, we strive to create a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive agribusiness ecosystem that benefits current and future generations.


Benefits of RYAF Members:


1. Networking Opportunities: RYAF provides a platform for members to connect and network with like-minded young agripreneurs, industry experts, and potential collaborators. This networking enables members to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build valuable relationships that can lead to partnerships, business opportunities, and knowledge sharing.


2. Capacity Building and Training: RYAF offers various capacity-building-coaching and mentorship programs, workshops, and training sessions to enhance members' skills and knowledge in agribusiness. These programs cover topics such as entrepreneurship, financial management, marketing, sustainable practices, and technological advancements, equipping members with the tools they need to succeed.


3. Access to Market, Resources and Support: RYAF provides members with access to resources such as market information, research findings, funding opportunities. Members can leverage these resources to make informed decisions, access financial support, gain market insights, and receive guidance from experienced professionals in the agribusiness field.


4. Advocacy and Representation: RYAF represents the interests of its members and serves as their collective voice in advocating for favorable policies, regulations, and support systems in the agribusiness sector. By being part of RYAF, members benefit from a stronger advocacy platform, enabling them to address common challenges, influence decision-making, and shape the future of the sector.


5. Business Development Support: RYAF assists members in developing and growing their agribusiness ventures. This support can range from business plan development, marketing strategies, access to market linkages, and assistance in securing financing options. By leveraging RYAF's expertise and resources, members can accelerate the growth and success of their agribusiness enterprises.


6. Exposure and Visibility: RYAF provides members with opportunities to showcase their agribusinesses, products, and services at various events, conferences, exhibitions, and platforms. This exposure enhances their visibility within the industry, increases brand recognition, and opens doors to potential customers, investors, and partners.


7. Collaboration and Partnership Opportunities: RYAF facilitates collaboration and partnership opportunities among its members, enabling them to work together on joint projects, initiatives, and business ventures. By leveraging the collective expertise, resources, and networks of fellow members, collaboration can lead to shared success, increased market reach, and mutually beneficial outcomes.


8. Continuous Learning and Innovation: RYAF fosters a culture of continuous learning, research and innovation (R&I) among its members. Through workshops, seminars, research studies and knowledge-sharing platforms, members can stay updated on the latest trends, advancements, and best practices in agribusiness. This enables them to adapt, innovate, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving sector.


By being a part of RYAF, members gain access to a supportive community, valuable resources, capacity-building opportunities, advocacy platforms, and collaborative networks. These benefits empower members to grow their agribusinesses, expand their networks, access support services, and contribute to the sustainable development of the agribusiness ecosystem.


RYAF Benefits to Stakeholders/Partners:


1. Access to Young Agripreneurs: RYAF provides stakeholders and partners with access to a diverse pool of young agripreneurs who are actively engaged in the agribusiness sector. This access allows stakeholders to connect with potential business partners, customers, suppliers, and innovative thinkers who can contribute to their projects, initiatives, and value chains.


2. Collaboration and Partnership Opportunities: RYAF facilitates collaboration and partnership opportunities between stakeholders and young agripreneurs. By partnering with RYAF, stakeholders can tap into the expertise, knowledge, and resources of young agripreneurs to drive innovation, implement sustainable practices, and explore new business models. Collaborative efforts can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes and contribute to the growth and success of both stakeholders and young agripreneurs.

3. Market Expansion and Market Access: Through RYAF, stakeholders can gain access to new markets and customers. By partnering with RYAF, stakeholders can tap into the network and market reach of young agripreneurs who are actively involved in various sectors of the agribusiness ecosystem. This access to new markets can help stakeholders expand their customer base and increase their market share.


4. Knowledge Sharing and Learning: RYAF serves as a platform for stakeholders to share their expertise, knowledge, and best practices with young agripreneurs. By engaging with RYAF, stakeholders have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the agribusiness sector by sharing industry insights, technical know-how, and market trends. This knowledge sharing fosters a culture of learning and innovation among young agripreneurs and strengthens the overall agribusiness ecosystem.


5. Influence and Impact: By partnering with RYAF, stakeholders can have a direct influence on shaping the future of the agribusiness sector. RYAF represents the collective voice of young agripreneurs and advocates for favorable policies, regulations, and support systems. Stakeholders can contribute to RYAF's advocacy efforts, participate in policy dialogues, and collaborate on initiatives that have a positive impact on the sector.


6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Collaborating with RYAF can enhance stakeholders' CSR initiatives. By supporting RYAF's programs and initiatives, stakeholders demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development, youth empowerment, and social impact. This collaboration allows stakeholders to align their business goals with social responsibility, strengthening their brand reputation and contributing to the well-being of local communities.


7. Talent Acquisition: RYAF serves as a talent pool for stakeholders seeking skilled and motivated young professionals in the agribusiness sector. By engaging with RYAF, stakeholders can identify potential employees, interns, or project partners who have received training, mentorship, and support through RYAF's programs. This partnership can contribute to the development of a skilled workforce and help stakeholders meet their human resource needs.


By partnering with RYAF, stakeholders gain access to a vibrant network of young agripreneurs, collaborative opportunities, market expansion, knowledge sharing, influence in shaping the sector, CSR alignment, talent acquisition, and the potential for meaningful impact. These benefits contribute to the growth, sustainability, and innovation of the agribusiness ecosystem while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.