Activities with Partners

Activities with Partners

The below table summarize all interventions with partners 


Project/ Program

Deliverable by Number


Program Description



Advocacy/ Youth consultation


Number of the youth engaged in consultation

In the process of gathering the evidence to feed for the NYESAS, RYAF has collaborated with National Youth Council (NYC) and FAO consultants through direct collaboration with local government authorities, to organize the youth consultation during 12 days (from 6th to 15th September 2022) planned to 600 youth respondents ensuring that 50% are male and 50% are female, selected from all 30 districts of Rwanda, along with considering people with disabilities. As results, 602 youth respondents were engaged in consultation (Focus Group discussions) including 293 Male (49%), 309 Female (51%), and 23 youth with disabilities (3%).



Capacity building/

Training on Fit for Finance


Number of youth trained on Fit for Finance in 10 districts

RYAF has been in partnership with FAO to facilitated the youth increased access to finance. However, major challenge is financial literacy, on this regard, 28 youth were pretrained in the last FY2021/2022 as Master trainers to train their peer youth agripreneurs. On this regards, by August, they were facilitated to train their peers in 10 districts including  Kigali: Kicukiro & Gasabo, North: Musanze & Gicumbi, South: Nyanza & Nyamagabe, East: Bugesera & Kayonza, West: Karongi & Rutsiro and 194 youth were trained on Fit for Finance using 4 modules customized training materials.



Advocacy/ Rural Youth Alliance


Number of the youth trained on policy and advocacy through Rural Youth Alliance initiative.

During this fiscal year, 16 potential youth organization were selected to initiative Rural Youth Alliance Rwanda as IFAD strategy to promote the youth voice and ensure the rural youth are connected to action and influence the IFAD strategic planning. In the processes, in July 2022, 30 young people (18-35 Years) including 16 male and 14 female representing those 16 organization were trained on advocacy and policy through facilitation of RYAF and PROCASUR during two days.

IFAD- Procasur


Capacity Building/

Rural Youth Employment Support Project


Number of the Youth in cohort 1 under in company training for Rural Youth Employment Support project

RYAF has been implementing Rural Youth Employment Support Project since 2020 with objective of empowering the youth for 1,200 direct employment generation. The project is being implemented in consortium led by KilimoTrust, and Rwanda Polytechnique (RP). During this Fiscal year 2021/2022, the youth were attached to the industries for onsite technical training ( Learning by doing) and by now, 356 already completed courses in the industries and graduated in this November 2022




Rwanda Dairy Development Project (RDDP)


Number of young graduates employed by RYAF RDDP intervention

During the FY 2022/2023, specifically from July 2022, 26 young graduates  were employed by RYAF in the implementation of Rwanda Dairy Development Project in the project catchment districts and those include 19 Male and 7 Female.  The intervention was focusing on the following key assignment: (i) Mastitis control and prevention, (ii) Support to communal cowshed management through (iii) Support to the operationalization of Boreholes, spray races and MCPs, (iv) Cooperative ranking. Beside achieving on each of the main responsibilities as given, RYAF RDDP Intervention built the capacity of 274 L-FFS Facilitators including 166 Male and 108 Female.

RAB-SPIU IFAD Funded Projects



Kayonza Irrigated and Integrated Watershed Management Project (KIIWP)


Farmers coached under RYAF intervention to KIIWP II

1,261 cooperative members were coached and those includes 741 Male (59%), 520 Female (41%) and 89 Youth (7%) were coached in various topic from Business development, Good Agriculture Practices, Record keeping,… as part of support in building farmers organization capacity through implementation of KIIWP II.

RAB-SPIU IFAD Funded Projects



Number of the youth employed through RYAF KIIWP especilly in cooperative capacity building and horticulture production and management 

For the FY 2022/2023, 15 young graduates (18-35 Years) including 11 Male and 4 Female, were recruited and deployed in 15 cooperatives to support in the intervention of RYAF in the implementation of KIIWP. in addition, 7 horticulture technicians (5 male and 2 female) are in the project intervention specifically for the horticulture production and management since october 2022. 

RAB-SPIU IFAD Funded Projects

Project/Sustainable Agriculture Intensification and Food security Project (SAIP)


Number of youth employed in fruit trees production on side of SAPMP

RYAF has been in implementation of Sustainable Agriculture Intensification and Food Security Project (SAIP) for the last 3 years specifically through engaging young graduate in provision of extension service. During this Quarter One, 56 youth including 23 Male and 33 Female were employed on side of project component: Sustainable Agriculture Productivity and Market Linkage project (SAPMAP), and 131 youth including 58 Male and 73 Female were employed by SAIP during production of the fruit trees. Beside, contribution to youth employment, 977 farmers including 340 male and 637 Female were coached on Good Agriculture Practices (GAP).

RAB-SPIU world bank 7 KOICA funded projects 


Number of youth employed in fruit trees production on side of SAIP



Number of farmers coached for the GAP



Number of staff employed under RYAF SAIP

During the fiscal year 2022/2023, 19 youth (13 Male and 6 Female) (18-35 years) were employed by RYAF for the SAIP project implementation and those includes 9 horticulturalists, 9 Nutrition facilitators and 1 RYAF-KIIWP liaison Manager.


Capacity Building/ Global Glo Ignition Project


Number of the youth representing  Microbusiness trained

By this year 2022, RYAF has year round partnership with French Embassy (Contract) and Vitagora to implement GGI where more than 20 accelerated  Youth Agripreneurs were facilitated to mentor their 103 Peer Youth owning the Microbusiness. RYAF facilitated the space of mentorship and organised mre than 7 workshops for training the 103 representatives from 103 Microbusiness on business development including Business Plan, tax, marketing, business model… as progress, the first cohort with 48 mentees has completed in facilitation of 10 youth SME owners (Mentors) and now, we are in the second cohort of 55 Microbusinesses representatives where now we are facilitating 11 Mentors from 11 potential youth SMEs for the mentorship and coaching program. 

French Embassy and Vitagora


Capacity building/

Youth in exhibition


Number of youth businesses facilitated to attend in the exhibition

Ministry of Agriculture has been supportive to RYAF operation since its establishment. Moreover, the ministry supported RYAF to facilitated the youth agri-prenuers from 6th to 14th July at Mulindi / Gasabo Show Ground, to exhibit their products. Those companies includes: Agri-Research, Exalto Engineering and supply solution Ltd, IGISURA Company Ltd, AVOCARE Ltd, BINA Group Ltd, HOLLY trust Ltd, Workloselyine Company, MARTISOL, SOLEDICOM Company Ltd, AGRIWN CO.LTD, Rural development Initiative, Rutavegfresh Ltd, Exodus Ltd,   



E-Soko Project



Number of youth market agents who started businesses

RYAF has been collaborating with Ministry of Agriculture for the implementation of E-SOKO where the youth are deployed in various market places to collect the price on agro-products' and report in E-SOKO digital system. RYAF kept mobilizing them to use the opportunity for the little income they get and start their own businesses. Fortunately, 49 youth agents has started their businesses as direct impact of engaging them in the e-soko program.




Number of youth empowered by RYAF MINAGRI E-Soko program

From July to September2022, 62 young people were empowered as market agents throughout implementation of E-Soko Project by being deployed in 63 main market across the country and from January to June 2022, 27 Male and 36 Female were deployed to the same markets to facilitate the collection of market prices to inform strategic decision of the farmers, buyers and consumers.