RYAF Services

RYAF Services


RYAF aims to enable Rwanda youth to be the agents of changes in Agribusiness. To achieve this ambition, RYAF uses advocacy for enhancement of an enabling environment for the youth in agriculture and livestock value chains nodes, as the weaker competitors compared to the existing big players in the agribusiness market arena with heavy investments, to be capacitated to also play their role in agribusiness and create decent jobs .

On access to finance: RYAF believes that once the youth increase their financial literacy and grow in their financial experience, they can better start, grow and excel in their agribusinesses. Let’s policy makers, Private Sector, Government institutions, financial institutions assess the youth capacity, needs and create the youth specific financial products.

Access to market and Factors attributed: One of the main factor limiting the performance of the youth in agribusiness is limited access to market due to various factors such as limited capital which define their limited quality of their products complying with Quality Standards, limited production due to limited capacity to access land, limited knowledge and other factors. Let the Quality standard Board develop affordable Quality standards specific for the youth enabling them to grow along Quality Standard Compliance. Zamukanubuziranenge is an example of the quality standard which enables youth to be key players on the market, leveraging on youth technical and financial capacity, therefore activating the product as well as building more youth specific products along with capacity building initiative on quality Standard. Let the unexploited land be given to youth with the will and capacity for production under the forum (RYAF) coordination.

To achieve advocacy targets, various methods are used such as meetings with key responsible institutions, policy dialogue, Radio and TV shows discussing on issues and implication to youth in agribusiness, etc.

Advocacy activities is done complying with the 4th Strategic Priority in the Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation (PSTA4) (2018-2024) aiming at strengthening enabling environment for the key agribusiness players to achieve the rest of strategic priorities including Innovation and Extension, Productivity and Resilience, and Inclusive Market and Value addition.