About us



Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) was established in 2016 to serve as a nationwide forum of youth involved in agriculture. Formed under the initiative of the Government of Rwanda specifically through Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, other Ministries and various stakeholders including Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


 RYAF Legal personality

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) is currently a registered organization in accordance with Law N° 13/2009 regulating labor in Rwanda and the Ministerial Order N° 11 of 07/09/2010 determining the modalities and requirements for the registration of trade unions or employers’ professional organizations; with its legal personality and statutes published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Rwanda No. 50 of 11/12/2017.  

 RYAF Mandate 

RYAF was established to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship in agribusiness by offering a platform aimed at establishing business linkage opportunities and changing the youth’s mind-set on agribusiness.

RYAF operation is based on coping with potential challenges hindering youth come and do profitable agribusiness including limited knowledge, skills information and communication, limited access to finance to boost their investment, limited access to land to boost their production potential, limited access to market due to limited investment and quality compliance and so on. Most intervention goes on through practical advocacy and young people influencing in the agriculture policies review to create the enabling environment allowing young people to be strong and competitive market actors, after accessing all possible factors of production.

Coverage area 

RYAF operates in all 30 districts of Rwanda and brings together different youth organizations, individual young farmers and entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture sector; specifically, the youth in agriculture primary production, livestock production, agro-processing, inputs and agro-services and ICT for Agriculture. 




  1. Change youth mindset vis-à-vis opportunities in agribusiness for job creation and economic development,
  2. Ensure development and promotion of youth in agribusiness sector at national and international level;
  3. Facilitate and collaborate with youth operating professionally in the agribusiness sector across the country;
  4. Ensure compliance with collective  international agreements and conventions regulating agribusiness sector;

Our Vision

A future where youth are inclusevely leading agribusiness ecosystem  at national and regional level.

Our Mission

To sustainably promotes, informs, advocates, mobilizes and empower Rwandan youth to engage in agribusiness resulting on a stable food availability, market access, decent jobs and sustainable and inclusive development.