RYAF, Officially launched on 3rd May 2016, to challenge and change the mind-set among the youths vis-à-vis agriculture, to influence transformation of agricultural business landscape,  impacting positively the status of on & off- farm jobs, integrated and sustainable agro-economic development , food and nutritional securities.

Ryaf Exist to:

- To facilitate youth in agribusiness to change their mind-set

- To promote, inform, advocate and mobilise Rwandan youth to engage in agribusiness

- Technical and financial support and linkages to youth with stakeholders coordination.


  1. Change youth mindset vis-à-vis opportunities in agribusiness for job creation and economic development,
  2. Ensure development and promotion of youth in agribusiness sector at national and international level;
  3. Facilitate and collaborate with youth operating professionally in the agribusiness sector across the country;
  4. Ensure compliance with collective  international agreements and conventions regulating agribusiness sector;

Our Vision

To be a leading agribusiness platform empowering young people to contribute in job creation and food security for the country prosperity.

Our Mission

To establish an effective, sustainable nationwide youth in agribusiness forum that promotes, informs, advocates and mobilizes Rwandan youth to engage in agribusiness, leveraging on support and facilitation from stakeholders, resulting on a stable food market, decent jobs and sustainable and inclusive development