They are grateful to MINAGRI for giving them the opportunity to participate in National Agricultural show 2022.

The members of Rwanda youth in Agribusiness Forum are grateful to MINAGRI for giving them the opportunity to participate in National Agricultural show 2022 took place at Mulindi Showground, Gasabo District in Kigali city under the theme “Building Resilience in Agriculture through Modern Technologies”.

What did the youth gain by participating   in National Agricultural show 2022?

“In a nutshell, I learnt that Rwanda has the youth-led sustainable home-grown solutions like environment friendly edible drinking straws and renewable technologies that can build needed resilience and increase productivity without relying on imports”. Says, Abdu Usanase CEO of AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd.

Dr. Marie Solange Uwineza, the founder and CEO of Sanesol Ltd, a company that makes cosmetics from natural plant extracts to treat various skin and hair conditions,

“On my side to participate in the Agri Show provided me with profit in terms of marketing and interacting with others to exchange information and I thank RYAF and MINAGRI which allowed me to participate in National Agricultural show 2022.”

Solange Uwingeri, the founder of Martisol Ltd which adds value to agricultural products (fresh pineapples and beetroot) by producing wine and juice, said that participating in the Agri show made her learn new things and is grateful for the airtime she was given on Radio Rwanda to promote her products for free.

In closing the National Agricultural Show, 2 RYAF member companies awarded as the best exhibitors, AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd awarded as the best exhibitor in Research and AVOCARE Company Ltd awarded the best exhibitor in Agro Processing at Rwanda Agri show 2022.

AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd, said that to be awarded as the best exhibition in research is a motivation and a reliable indicator that Rwandan youth can build needed resilience with home-grown solutions.

National Agricultural show, fostering exchanges of technologies, skills, and best practices between farmers themselves and other agriculture stakeholders.


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