Urges the youth participants to be good ambassadors of RYAF in their communities

December 16, 2022, in collaboration with Vitagora and French Embassy Rwanda and RYAF provided the third workshop to microbusiness owned by young entrepreneurs in agrifood system specifically on Business Plan, RYAF CEO urged them to be a good ambassador of Rwanda Youth In agribusiness forum in their community. 

In his opening and closing remarks RYAF CEO Jean Marie Vianney RWIRIRIZA thanks the mentees who attended this workshop and motivate them to participate in this workshop, and urged the youth participants to be good ambassadors of RYAF in their communities by applying the knowledge and skills they have got all along this mentorship and coaching program since last 3 months.

the topic of the day was business plan and Specific objectivewas to build the microbusiness owners with essential knowledge on business model and enable them to understand particular strategy on how they can make profit sustainably in their businesses.

The GlobalGro Ignition (GGI) program is part of the GlobalGro initiative, previously supported by the NAEB, and implemented by the Tony Blair Institute with the aim to support development of a competitive and innovative agrifood sector in Rwanda capable of accessing new markets (local, regional and international) and transform its production methods to meet the socio-economic, environmental and agrifood challenges of the country.

The project’s general objective is to develop the innovation and the competitiveness of the Rwandan agrifood sector through the following:

1. Support Agri-food SMEs in their export processes and prepare them for the European market

2. Develop the capacity and competitiveness for Agri-food micro-enterprises.

3. Build a dynamic innovation ecosystem to create value and participate in the economic and social development of Rwanda.

The project is coordinated by Vitagora in collaboration with RYAF, NAEB, and funded by the French Embassy in Rwanda. By 16th March 2022, Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) signed service contract with French Embassy in line of providing the technical assistance in the microbusiness mentorship program.

The program is part of the project where accelerated SMEs through partnership with PSF, NAEB and VITAGORA are to be assigned on other Microbusinesses for the continuous mentorship as best methodology enabling peer to peer learning, thus boost Microbusinesses productivity which in return will support in achieving project objectives.

The RYAF role in the project is to facilitate the process and ensure SMEs mentorship sessions and workshops are conducted. RYAF also intend to organize Microbusinesses workshops to understand and address, and respond to the feedback of the Microbusinesses as reported progressively by SMEs after all mentoring sessions.




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