Rwanda youth in Agribusiness has a new board of directors elected by general assembly on 24,03, 2023.

New board of directors include Chairperson Sakina Usengimana, 1st deputy chairperson Usanase Abdu,2nd deputy chairperson Sezibera Yvonne and Advisors: Bankundiye Charlotte and Irakoze Christian.

Since October 2016, RYAF has been represented by Board members and district committees which a general assembly. As a result, few things were done in terms of members’ identification, sharing key opportunities and convening District general assemblies of youth in agribusiness, enhancing youth capacity.

Unfortunately since June 2020, RYAF board members resigned on their duties (retain, evaluate, recruit, supervise and cooperate with the RYAF Secretariat, make and pass board of director Resolutions, supervise the implementation of RYAF Strategic Plan, provide a good direction (strategic direction) for the organization, Control and monitor the functioning of auditors in auditing process, protect the investment of members and assets of the Forum, organizing the general assembly), this resignation (absence of Board of Director) led to delays in some activities due to the need for board’s approval.

That why, RYAF organized the general assembly which were taken a place on March 24, 2023, the main objective of the meeting was to approve the RYAF Status and electing RYAF Board of Director.

On her remarks RYAF new Chairperson thanked those who trusted and voted for her to be Chairperson of Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum, and also thanked outgoing board of directors, “I assuring you that as elected board of directors will continue to work together to find solutions to agriculture’s most challenging issues affecting youth, women and country in general” Sakina Usengimana.



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