Became a poultry farmer after changing his mind set to go abroad

Freedom IRADUKUNDA is the founder of Prolific farm, dealing with a modern poultry farming business based in Bugesera District, Mayange sector, Gakamba cell, breed different types of chickens including ISA brown, broiler (...)train farmers, supply eggs and chicken meat as well as chicks.

He did not have any skills about poultry farming, he studied mathematics and statistics at university, and then, he wonders what to do and chose poultry farming because people every day need to eat all the time, he chose what is most needed in the community.

How started his journey in poultry farming

“After graduating from university, I felt like going abroad to live in Europe or United States of America to find a job. My parent gave me 2 million RWF to decide what to use and gave me land to work on, He told me that i have the right to sell it and then to add 2 million RWF and go outside Rwanda where I want to live,after 6 months of thinking about what to do, I decided on a poultry farming .”  Freedom Iradukunda. 

He started poultry farming raising 500 chickens, and now he has more than 5000 chickens, he adds that can’t apply for a job anymore because now he is also one of the employers.

What he says about the challenges faced by young people who want to engage in agriculture.

The first challenge is capital and market, but there are challenges and solutions that exist, but when I talk about capital you can start with the little money you have, on my side I approached Business Development Fund (BDF)... it lends to young people who have graduated from university who have started small businesses.

If you meet the criteria such as having graduated from university, you have a project that has started to work, the third most difficult part is to get a collateral.

Currently, Iradukunda Freedom is looking to invest in fruit and vegetable farming, also made a sample in his farm to make sure it would be going well.

Advice to the youth is to take your hands out of your pocket and stop underestimating small businesses because, if you want to build your legacy, consider investing in business instead of asking for a job and trust the process.


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