To assess the forum's current status, RYAF organized the general assembly.

On 29 September 2023 at the Hilltop Hotel, there was a general assembly to brainstorm the RYAF activities and look at the current status of the forum. RYAF Chairperson, Sakina USENGIMANA, officially opened the general assembly.

They addressed challenges, options, and opportunities in their respective provinces after approving the 2023–2024 action plan. This assessment aimed to discuss how the forum could transform agriculture into profitable business ventures that would benefit their community.

Specific objectives of the general assembly were validating the RYAF action plan 2023-2024 the RYAF district committee’s intervention, the RYAF district committee’s responsibilities, and RYAF member’s contribution towards the forum and the benefits that will be given by RYAF to its members.

In her closing remarks, RYAF Chairperson Sakina USENGIMANA urged the youth who are engaged in agribusiness to do so professionally in order to contribute to agri-food systems in the country and region through exports. They are also committed to being exemplary in their workplaces.

General assembly attended by the RYAF Board of Directors, 90 RYAF District committee members, and some staff of the RYAF secretariat led by the Chief Executive officer 

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) is a platform established to bring together different youth organizations, individual youth farmers, and entrepreneurs in the Agriculture Sector working in one or many of the following sub-sectors: crop production, livestock, agro-processing, inputs, and other agro-services (extension, marketing, food packaging, farm mechanization, seed multiplication, etc.) as well as ICT for Agriculture in Rwanda.

The platform aims to change the old-fashioned mindset among the youth vis-à-vis the agricultural sector in Rwanda while orienting youth to reach out to other farming groups to raise awareness on the practice of business-oriented agriculture. This brings about advocacy and creating one voice for youth in agribusiness, channeling support in a manner that efficiently meets the specific groups targeted and impacts the creation of sustainable employment in a long review.


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