Empowering Young Agripreneurs: A Comprehensive Training on Quality and Safety Standards

The Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF), in partnership with USAID Kungahara Wagura Amasoko (KWA), organized a comprehensive training program facilitated by the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). Conducted from June 10th to 14th, 2024, in Musanze District, the training aimed to equip young agribusiness entrepreneurs with essential knowledge and skills to comply with quality and safety standards.

The training emphasized understanding the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) services, regulatory requirements, and the certification process for both products and systems. It also highlighted available opportunities such as the Zamukana Ubuziranenge (ZU) program, which provides various support services to SMEs, including assessment, training, coaching, and product testing.

A diverse methodology was employed, including lectures, plenary sessions, group discussions, and on-site visits to SMEs. 58 youth owners of agroprocessing SMEs, divided into two cohorts, engaged in interactive sessions covering a range of topics, such as the importance of compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, the process and costs associated with product and system certification, and the prerequisites for achieving certification, including the "Made in Rwanda" logo. The training also underscored the collaborative efforts between RSB and other regulatory bodies like Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Rwanda inspectorate and competition authority (RICA), outlining their distinct roles in overseeing different aspects of the agribusiness value chain.

The training sessions concluded with recommendations for various stakeholders, including RYAF, USAID KWA, the Rwanda Standards Board, and government institutions. The call for continued support for youth in agribusiness emphasized the need for ongoing training and capacity-building initiatives to enhance their competitiveness, particularly in the export market.

On-site visits to SMEs provided practical insights, allowing participants to observe real-world applications of the standards and receive tailored advice on improving their business practices. Overall, the training successfully raised awareness and provided the necessary tools for young entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of quality and safety standards in agribusiness.


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