How a banana plantation, poultry farming, and Goat manure trade is helping Daniel Nshimiyimana to fight poverty.

Daniel Nshimiyimana is founder and CEO of Echo la Vie Agro Products Ltd dealing with a banana plantation, poultry farming and Goat manure trade Rulindo District, Base Sector, Gitare Cell, in his farm, you find the meaning of circular economy where poultry and cow manure make organic compost that grows banana plantation.

“Through this business helped him to fight poverty Where he built a residential house, save and pay credit, He says that the reason why He ventured into the agriculture sector is that he learned rural development and agribusiness at university, adds that  everyone in the world needs to eat means that agriculture feeds the world.” Daniel Nshimiyimana.

Daniel's testimony to how he started the agriculture, began in 2013 where raised chicken layers together with agro ecological farming, he registered his company Echo la Vie Agro-Product Ltd in December 2019.

 The mission of the company is Produce more without destroying the environment and the  Vision is Production of combined organic manure from domestic animals (cows, chickens and goats) to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer and increase youth and women in employment in terms of capacity building (income generation).


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