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How Government’s initiatives transformed life of farmers’ cooperatives across the country


One year ago, the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of agriculture and animal resources sent a young agronomist interns to work in agriculture cooperatives in their respective home areas for a period of twelve months.

Over 1000 interns were deployed to work in rice value chain across the country, the primary target was to support farmers to adapt new techniques in agriculture through boosting productivity and changing mindset from traditional to modern agriculture and provide ideas to farmers’ cooperatives and to ensure that the agriculture outputs are well managed while at the same time helping farmers to get market for their harvests.

Today, cooperative leaders are proud and commending the Government of Rwanda for their significant support they provided to them through the Cooperative staff and the interns usually help them in their productive daily life.

According to COPRIMU Cooperative employees, “it has been one year since we started to receive young agronomist interns. From the 1st September 2017 up to date they contributed a lot to increase the production from 294 tons to 336 tons during the season A 2018. In Season B, Young agronomists helped them to increase agricultural production from 336 tons to 385 tons. The General production has been increased at 30.9%

Vedaste Mahoro who is in charge of Internship Program in Rwanda Youth engaged in Agribusiness said that: “We are very glad to have these young agronomists in different cooperatives where they play a vital role to increase agricultural productivity and help them to adopt a new system of agriculture”

He added that Government of Rwanda has made a great commitment that will continue to support young agronomists through increasing the numbers of these young agripreneurs to work in cooperatives from across the country in line with government’s ongoing initiatives to help young generation.

The overall objective of this internship program was to facilitate Rwandan Young agronomists to acquire skills and knowledge in agro-businesses with long-term objectives that help them to turn skills into employment and self-employment opportunities and boost modern farming as part of Government efforts in ending hunger among communities.

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