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New efforts to put Agriculture under Insurance Scheme umbrella in scaling it up to the next level in Rwanda.

Rwanda Radiant Insurance ltd signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) on 07 July 2020 at RDI Offices in Champion Investment Corporation (CHIC) Kigali Rwanda.

This MoU with build a long term relationship between two institutions for involving the youth in the national Agriculture Insurance scheme, it expected that more than 2000 youth from district and sectors level in Radiant coverage zone will benefits through the network as “Agent”.

The signing ceremony signed on each side on behalf of Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF), Madam Esperance NYIRAMUCYO Corporate Liaison Manager, and Ovia K. TUHAIRWE Deputy Managing Director of Rwanda Radiant Insurance Ltd. Signed the MoU.

Both sides, were grateful for this partnership signed, for is a going to be a basket for jobs to a huge number of youth.

Their role shall be to sensitizing farmers, cooperatives, extension workers and local authorities on advantages of crops and livestock insurance to encourage them to adhere on the National Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS) or private agriculture insurance product designed, mobilize key partners (local leaders, government, and community members/individual farmers) through existing networks for the use of agriculture insurance products among others.

Rwanda National Agriculture Insurance (NAIS) is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI which was approved by Cabinet on 19th November and launched on 23rd April in Nyanza District. Now the scheme operates in all 30 Districts of the country. Government contributes 40% on premium and farmers contributes 60% on value of cost premium.

The scheme started with maize and Rice on side of crops and dairy cattle in livestock. Agricultural insurance is one of the de-risking tools of Agriculture sector. Its purpose is to reduce the risk profiles of agricultural value chain actors and thereby increase the appetite of lenders and investors to the sector.

Radiant Insurance Ltd is the Insurance company accredited by the National Bank of Rwanda to provide short term insurance their primary objective is to bring you credible, innovation and robust short-terms insurance products, they take the guesswork out insurance, by working fast and successfully delivering fit -for -purpose market-leading insurance products and practices to clients across Rwanda.

Rwanda youth n Agribusiness Forum(RYAF) is a national wide platform whose purpose is to change the current perception among the youths vis-à-vis the agriculture sector in Rwanda, while orienting them to seize investment opportunities through awareness creation, skills development and advocacy support services.  The idea is to create a critical mass of change agents to influence the transformation of agricultural business landscape with courage, determination and positive attitude.

It is a platform of young entrepreneurs operating in any sub sectors of agribusiness vale chain (crop and/ or livestock production, agro-processing, inputs and other agro-services as well as ICT in agriculture) Officially launched in May 2016 with aim to rejuvenate the sector here in Rwanda.  RYAF strive to change and challenges youth mindset vis-a vis agribusiness opportunities for food and nutritional security and sustainable job creation. The forum is official legalized in the official gazette number 50of 11th December 2017.

RYAF Communication Team

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