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Tomato and pepper farming have promoted Mutabazi to be one of the best young agriculture entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

Mutabazi Innocent is a 25-year-old graduate of the University of Biotechnology who chooses to follow a farming approach that has helped him to develop and not to beg for the necessities of life.

Mutabazi, who is a graduate, referred his business from his colleague Andrew Mugabe, who started Gasabo Model Farm, where his own Green House focuses on tomatoes and pepper. The two are now working on their project in Kinyinya Sector in Gasabo District.

In an interview with Mutabazi, he said that, “at the beginning of their project they were living a life of soliciting everything from parents and other people”.

“He added that, before he started his business, he used to beg for money from his parents, but now he don’t.

In expanding their operations, Mutabazi and Mugabe have decided to go to the BDF, a Small and Medium Enterprises Guarantee Fund, to help them earn Rwf7 million to improve their agriculture.

Mutabazi went on to say that, one year after they started farming, they have bought motorcycles to help them bring production to customers.

It is also their livelihood, which helps them pay their workers, buy seeds, buy medicines and solve problems in their daily lives.

Gasabo Model Farm now has three employees including an agronomist, a plant care worker and a bodyguard.

Although they are facing the problem of limited grain production, Mutabazi says they will find a source for them in the City of Kigali.

Over the next five years, Gasabo Model Farm has a vision to be at the forefront of producing their crops, resulting in a variety of other products.

Mutabazi continued, “First and foremost we want to expand our agriculture so that whenever a customer is looking for something we will immediately get it. We are also thinking about how we can grab a pepper or tomato and pull it out.” something else.

The BDF provides a variety of services including collateral, grants, rescue assistance, investment in certain projects, support for youth agricultural projects, capacity building of Sacco and providing counseling and training.

The government of Rwanda though in Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) has established the Rwanda youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) as a forum that brings together young entrepreneurs engaged in Agriculture by advocating for them and finding the skills they need and finding markets that connect them with investment institutions in Rwanda and abroad.

after only three years the young people are doing extraordinary things in transforming agriculture and making life a business rather than a science

From RYAF Communication Team

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