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RYAF has initiated partnership with Districts of a USAID founded project CNFA /Hingaweze interventions for supporting youth in Agribusiness

Rwandan youths, whether educated or uneducated, you will find that they have good projects but 70% of the majority are only in ideas, turning their ideas into practical ways is big challenge for many.
 They often need different skills than they did in school, or any other help that would allow them to come up with ideas that would enable them to start their own different projects.

It is in this context, Rwanda youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) has initiated partnership with Districts of CNFA Hingaweze interventions for supporting youth in Agribusiness in 10 Districts including Kayonza District ,Ngoma, Gatsibo, bugesera, (Eastern) , Ngororero, Karongi,Rutsiro, Nyabihu, and Nyamasheke  (Western,) and  Nyamagabe of Southern province.
At the beginning of discussions with different districts of Rwanda, RYAF has launched various talks in Gatsibo, Kayonza ,Ngoma and Bugesera districts.

Discussions focused on explaining what  RYAF is, its mission and vision as to advocate and develop capacity for youth in agribusiness,why it is negotiating partnerships with local government at district level as well as expressing roles and responsibilities proposed to each party to build Rwandan youths involved in agricultural sector.
Through two program of accessing on market and fund, RYAF is going to work with its partner USAID Feed the Future Rwanda  HINGAWEZE to set up special shops for youth production .RYAF as a Rwandan forum advocating for youth in agriculture and livestock, plan to extent various RYAF shops to different Districts of Rwanda in helping young people involved in agriculture accessing to market.

These shops will be of great importance to youth farmers  in solving the existing challenges of lack of markets to their production, products advertisement and rental cost. 

The USAID Feed the Future Rwanda HINGAWEZE through MoU with RYAF are going to contribute in mobilizing youth farmers to participate in group based saving and lending program, create youth savings and lending groups among  young smallholder farmers in all the 10 districts where Hingaweze operates in order to resolve the current challenge of accessing to finance,regarding the MoU based partnership between RYAF and Equity Bank,Youths in saving groups will be allowed to get loans at a low interest rate without any other collateral than their savings and their membership fees.  Youths will access on market by setting up a common store of their farm products (RYAF Shop) in each of 10 districts of Hinga weze intervention. 
In this activity, RYAF district coordinators will sensitize youth farmers the importance of participating in saving groups, the rules and regulations of the groups, select the saving groups committees, make sure that the groups are registered at a cell level as well as sensitize them about financial literacy  and they will be supervised by RYAF Staff Claudine MUHAYIMANA (RYAF Fund Manager) and SIFA UYISABYE as RYAF SHOP Manager.

Hinga Weze Project together with Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) target to 6,354saving groups among farmers within its operational period (2017-2022). 
This year 2020, the project with its partner ( RYAF) hopes to form more than 50 savings groups where 1500 young farmers will be participating in 10 districts (Kayonza, Bugesera, Nyamagabe, Gatsibo, Ngoma, Karongi, Rutsiro, Nyabihu, Nyamasheke, and Ngororero) to link them with financial institution as mentioned above,strengthen their capacities and improve youth farmers’ empowerment.

From RYAF Communication Team

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