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Tomato Trees and Passion Fruit has helped lift him out of poverty.

It has become clear that agriculture has become a better place for young people in Rwanda to thrive, but even though they still have obstacles in their businesses. Some young people in Rwanda continue to promote agriculture as businesses.  

Norbert TUYISHIME is a 29-year-old entrepreneur who grows tree tomatoes and Passion Fruit on 1 hectare in Rulindo District Ngoma sector, Kabuga Cell, Nyabuko Village in Northern Province.

The young man says he started dreaming of becoming a self –employed after graduating from University from ISAIE BUSOGO, FACULT of Agriculture and Rural and Agribusiness Department in 2015 and refused to apply for a job like everyone else. rather he chooses a self-employed job that is now owned by him and his family.

The young man told us that he started with a small investment compared to what others start with just saying that in his adult life he loved agriculture

This guy told us that he started with a small investment compared to what others start with just. Saying that, in his adult life he loves agriculture and therefore, it makes farming he does and he loves it and he feels like a profession that should sustain him and his family.

He started growing passion fruits a short time later and decided that he should also grow tree tomato so he could find a market here in Kigali to go and deliver his produce while harvesting

So far his production is always about two tonnes of tree tomato and passion fruits and when he takes them to the market he gets a profit of Rwf700,000 per week which he takes away from all his needs.

Tuyishime said that; Farming is my favorite profession and even in the blood, I didn’t start out feeling that farming provided me with only one person and my family which was my dream and then came true for me

Some of the obstacles to his agriculture include the fact that Rulindo district is made up of high mountains. which makes it very difficult to find water to irrigate the passion fruits and its tree tomato.

he tried to make a damsheet that will help him to save water for irrigation which is why the sun has not done much damage to his farm due to getting water even though it is not enough.

Passion Fruit and Tomato tree farming is not only in dire need of water but also loves permanent water which is very difficult to deal with because this area has enough water available to farmers in the swamp.

In his testimony, the young entrepreneur concluded by saying that if he got support in his agriculture, he would continue to make great strides in his work.

especially as it helps to get watering machines and other damsheet shingles which will allow him to grow passion fruits and tree tomatoes regularly and get food for his family and what he takes to the market.

Norbert TUYISHIME is one of the young agripreneur in Rwanda who has applied for the Grant to be awarded by MINAGRI and UNDP through the Rwanda Agriculture and Livestock Youth Forum (RYAF)

This grant will help them grow their businesses after the covid-2019 epidemic has damaged some of the entrepreneurial activities.

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