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The 62 young agri-entrepreneurs selected’ under UNDP fund in Rwanda

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) today released a list of 62 young agri-entrepreneurs with various agricultural and livestock projects in Rwanda who have been selected to be funded on Enhancing Climate resilient and Integrated Agriculture in Disaster Prone Area of Rwanda

This comes after a number of young people in Rwanda in agriculture segment were invited to register their projects to get the opportunity that had been given to them by MINAGRI to receive a UNDP Grant in the promotion of many of their businesses that have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Nirere Marion SPIU MINAGRI Coordinator told us that a task force on these projrcts has taken the opportunity to visit various youth field activities in fulfillment of grant application precautions, the focus emphasized on the location of the applicant project, since was found that many applicants are fond of lying in favor of winning the grant based on the incorrect information

so many have been witnessed by the local people who work here that many found that their projects have impacted a lot  their community through  offering  them jobs and lift themselves out of poverty.

She told us that those who were lucky enough to have their projects being selected, they will have a contract to sign before they are given the money. They will be given in various stages to avoid misuse on things not planned for and to see how they can be used for what they have been asked to do.

Audace RUGAMBA is one of the young entrepreneurs who do watermelon farming in Nyagatare District and was lucky enough to get his project selected from the projects to be awarded to this grant

He told us that this grant from UNDP is going to rejuvenate his activities which were devastated by the COVID19 epidemic and made the business less effective as usual including destabilization of many markets and says he will try to use this subsidy effectively to promote watermelon farming in Rwanda.

This grant is planned to support young entrepreneurs in implementing climate resilient agriculture projects and to improve young women and men farmers ’livelihoods and climate resilience through the adoption of agro-ecological production technologies in the selected drought and landslide prone areas of the country KANYONZA, BUGESERA  NYAGATARE , GAKENKE  AND RULINDO

thus increased productivity and enhancing the embracing of climate smart agriculture as well, including increase youth self-employment and income in the market oriented production agriculture value addition through modern farming and transformation and linking production to market.,

Achieving agriculture transformation by raising farm productivity levels with due consideration to Climate SmartAgriculture,

Supporting investments in agribusiness projects with clear development effects such as increased productivity and employment promotion and climate resilient as well,

Sustainable economic growth by enhancing profitable and sustainable investments in agribusiness and Mind set change among Rwanda Youth (Make agriculture attractive to youth)towards agro-based business and ensure agricultural transformation (Characterized by increased productivity and creation of sustainable jobs)

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