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DG RAB Patrick KARANGWA Presided over the handover ceremony between Outgoing Coordinator Alexis NDAGIJIMANA and the New SPIU /IFAD Coordinator Stephen RWAMULANGWA.

Wednesday 02th Sept 2020 at MINAGRI Conference hall Dr Patrick Karangwa, the Director General of Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) presided over the handover ceremony of Alexis NDAGIJIMANA the SPIU/IFAD Rwanda Coordinator and Dr. Steffen the incoming Steffen RWAMULANGWA recently appointed by Cabinet meeting of August 14th 2020.

In his closing remarks, Dr Patrique KARANGWA acknowledged the outgoing Coordinator Alexis NDAGIJIMANA for his contribution towards efforts rendered in transforming agriculture sector in Rwanda over the past two years as the SPIU IFAD Rwanda Coordinator.

“We thank him for the love and sincerity that has kept him at work in making the project reach its goals in the short term” DG Karangwa said

DG KARANGWA also urged the new Coordinator of Project to keep going forward and put SPIU IFAD Rwanda on another level.

Alexis Ndagijimana, Director-General, thanked the entire family of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and its affiliates agencies for their support, but in particular thanked all the staff who have worked together for the past two years in helping him to achieve the broader project goals.

He encouraged everyone to play their part in helping this new coordinator do his job better by highlighting the achievements, what is going on in the project that is planned to be done in the future.

On behalf of the SPIU IFAD Rwanda project staff, Elvis Blaise NKUNDANYIRAZO said that all the staff are grateful to the Outgoing Coordinator who has passed the time and how he has helped everyone to fulfill their responsibilities. This is a good result of the fact that many projects have been successful in their work and are reaching the goals of IFAD and the country as a whole. and assured of all possible assistance to the new leader in working together in a productive manner.

Steffen RWAMULANGWA, the new appointed SPIU IFAD commended H.E Paul KAGAME, the President of the Republic of Rwanda for the trust in appointing him as the SPIU IFAD RWANDA Coordinator. he promised to work hard and improve to do the best to take the project on another level through collaborating with All staff to achieve the goals of the projects.  

Steffen Rwamulangwa has been given the new post after he has been in charge of Gasabo district for longtime since 23/12/2014. He has been replaced by the lead Gasabo District in order to implement the new law governing the City of Kigali of July 2019.

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