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President Kagame has given homework to the youth to feed Africa.

He made this call during the AGRF 2020 Summit, that is taking place here at Kigali from 08th– 11th August 2020 where, He called on African youth to take part in modern agriculture so that the continental can achieve its food security goals, while agriculture and livestock plays a significant role in economic development.

Agriculture is one of the most populous sectors in Africa but its productivity in the economic development of countries is very low. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that in at least 15 African countries, the share of agriculture in the country’s GDP is less than 15%.

At a time when Africa has 257 million people at risk of starvation, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, yet they must be in line for the continent to be self-sufficient by 2030.

Speaking at the Youth Town Hall of the AGRF Virtual Summit, President Kagame said that in order to achieve the goal of food security, young people need to think about it first and think about its role.

“Young people should be asking themselves these questions, do they themselves want the future of food in the society in which they live? What is their role in helping Africans get to where they want to be? That’s what I want for young people, but we have to work together, young and old, to get there. “

President Kagame urges young people to innovate so that agriculture and animal husbandry can be the driving force behind Africa’s economic development.

He said governments are also stepping up infrastructure, technology and research to make it easier for farmers and workers in the sector.

“The opportunities in agriculture on our continent are many. We need to invest more to get more out of it based on what we have invested in […] Many benefits will come from high yields, value added such as vegetables and fruits, poultry, pigs, fisheries and more.”

President Kagame said the goal was to promote African agriculture, which is based on markets, food security and national development.

“The goal is to transform agriculture, from modern to modern, based on knowledge that provides enough food but also plays a role in our economy,” he said. That means a lot of the private sector, including farmers.”

President Kagame concluded that The Potential of Agriculture on our continental is vast. But we need to invest more, and get more out of the investments we have already made.

Although young people are less likely to be interested in agriculture, they are one of the most unemployed. The World Bank estimates that 60% of the youth in Africa are unemployed.

To reduce the gap, the Chairman of the Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia and Chairman AGRA, Group Partners H.E Hailemariam Desalegn said that young people should be productive in agriculture, as there is a lot of work to be done.

“There are a lot of opportunities in agriculture and employment. African youth do not see agriculture as a socially acceptable place. We are not talking about home consumption farming, we are talking about market-oriented agriculture, using technology.”

The World Bank estimates that in order for Africa to find jobs for its youth by 2035, it will require 350 million new jobs.

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