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How IFAD-supported Project turned round life for Nyabihu, Nyanza farmers

In Rwanda, districts such as Nyabihu and Nyanza are located in special areas called national agricultural and livestock zones due to the high agricultural and milk production found in these areas.
Since 2004, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) has developed and implemented three phases of Strategic Plans for the Transformation of Agriculture (PSTA4), the main policy framework for agriculture development in Rwanda aiming at harmonizing the agriculture sector development activities with the national Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies and the Vision 2020.
One of 4 Key pillars of the strategy is toIncrease productivity, diversity, Sustainability and Resilience of Agricultural production. 
The Climate Resilient and Post-harvest Agribusiness Support Project (PASP) it was a project launched by the Government of Rwanda and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) 2014 
For the past six years the project has been operating in different parts of the country  The project was successfulto advance the country’s efforts to reduce post-harvest losses and were targeted over 32,400 rural households (155,518 people) in 10 districts in the country’s northwest, southern and eastern regions..
The project provided opportunities for smallholder farmers to acquire the skills, knowledge and access to specialized service providers to create and operate businesses able to deliver larger volumes of improved produce to the market and manage climate risks in post-production processes.

The contribution of the project in supporting the improvement of agricultural quality in Nyabihu and Nyanza districts; 
Nyabihu district is one of the districts in the Northern Province of Rwanda where its economic development is based on agriculture and livestock as the majority of the people living in the profession are engaged in farming and raising more cows than other professions.
Prior to the start of the PASP project in the area, 12 Cooperative farmers had a variety of problems, such as poor productivity, lack of markets for their produce and lack of a dairy market, Carriage of milk on a damaged bike, no bottles, lack of electricity in the factory while the PASP project started in Nyabihu District, the project has been able to provide Rwf 2,363,661,533 to 76 different farmers and various projects operating in the region. 
These include the construction of seven milk collection centres , the provision of a milk delivery vehicle to the 51 million milk collection, 73 milk bottles, 85 water brides. valued at one billion and 149 million, 
The project helped the Nyabihu district’s citizens to get edible seeds, and also built 17 potato collections, all of which cost Rwf3 billion and Rwf600 million.
During the technical handover of #PASP achievements Nyabihu District level
Elvice Blease NKUNDANYIRAZO , the Program manager of PASP he said the big thing about the project that helped the farmers is that their attitude has changed a lot
“Since joining the cooperative, farmers have decided to invest, and the government will provide them with 50% subsidy, which has helped them grow their cooperatives” He said 
Nyabihu district encourages beneficiaries of the project to take good care of the infrastructure funded by PASP. Mayor Antoinette MUKANDAYISENGA  said 
In Nyanza District the project started later compared to other districts but was able to help 870 beneficiaries in boosting their productivity.
The total estimated cost of investments supported by the PASP project in this district ,is about 2,363,661,533 Rwf. 
In this District , the PASP project has been supporting the dairy industry including Zirakamwa meza Ltd by  Immacule Kayitesi, A private company that collects milk from MCCs and Process Ikivuguto and Yogurt. It started operating in the beginning of 2014 Before working with PASP it used to collect around 1200L-1500 per day , When the Project started working with this company , they benefited with PASP matching Grant and PASP PHCRAB
In his opening remarks at the technical handover of #PASP achievements at Nyanza District level , Stiven Rwamulangwa the SPIU IFAD Funded Project Coordinator awarded a Trophy to the Nyanza District  for the outstanding contribution of the district to the implementation of this project. 
He advised the beneficiaries to take good care of the infrastructure provided by the project and use it for its intended purpose.

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