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Young agripreneurs are advised to know the right choices for their needs.

Agriculture is a central driver in Rwanda’s transformation from a low‐income to a knowledge‐based middle‐income economy. The sector remains the backbone for sustained economic growth and to uplift citizen livelihoods. Youth play a major role in achieving this.

In recent years, Rwanda has seen more youths, including graduates, pick interest in the agriculture sector, Where today Young people no longer consider agriculture as an activity for rural people or the illiterates. Many have embraced it as a business.

In this regards On 03 December 2020; The Rwanda Private sector Federation(PSF) organized a breakfast meeting of youth in Agriculture Under the theme;

“Moving from traditional to modern commercial farming towards Rwanda’s Economic Growth”

The Young farmers breakfast Gathering is cohosted by the Rwanda Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs in close collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Culture.

Speaking at the event Rwanda Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources Dr Gerardine MUKESHIMANA emphased on the the contribution of agriculture in all global spheres.

“From the first day we are conceived, we start consuming the food our mothers eat until the end of our lives.” Gerardine said

She said that  Everyone needs food, so everyone needs farmers – farmers contribute alot to a nation’s growth that’s why we need to focus on sustainable long term productivity.

Hon Minister Gerardine said that  the country values ​​the role of the youth in the development of the agricultural and livestock sector in Rwanda, where the majority of young people still see the agricultural sector as gold and now more than 12,000 are engaged in agriculture as a business rather than science.

Hon. Mukehsimana advised the youth to be know what they want and work for it.  “If you don’t know what you want, the world will not help you. You need to know that you are very important people. Be aggressive and  get what you need to do your business from our institutions, we are here for you.” She said.

Regis umugiraneza  The First Vice President of the Rwanda Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs and  Cofounder and  Director of Carl Group ltd  a company adding value to the sweet potatoes by processing them into VIT-A products highlighted the benefits of agriculture to young people over the past few years.

“We thank the Government of Rwanda through Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and Ministry of Youth and Culture for their support to the youth in various activities to promote our businesses” Umugiraneza Said

He said that although there are some benefits to the youth, are still have  many obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals soon, adding that the establishment of this private youth chamber in the PSF is for the sake of one voice that will work with other youth advocacy forums such as RYAF and others to address youth issues.
The Young farmers breakfast Gathering brings together key players in Rwandan agriculture sector to deliberate on challenges faced by young
farmers involved in agriculture value chain and it aimed to identify concrete solutions to address challenges face by young farmer in agriculture sector.

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