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Young Entrepreneurs Receive Business Planning, development, and Access to Finance Skills

From 9th to 10th December 2020 at Lake Kivu Selena Hotel Rubavu district, RYAF in partnership with USAID Nhguriza Nshore carried out a-2 days training of 80 youths with business start-ups and others with business ideas to equip them with on financial for increasing the youth capacity to grow their businesses & access finance.

 The training was conducted by different trainers from different Institutions dealing with youths and Money such as Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness forum (RYAF), National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), Bank of Kigali (BK) and AMIFA RWANDA Plc, is a subsidiary of Moroccan AMIFA Holding created by the BCP Group (Banque Centrale Populaire du Maroc)

They trained them and taught them how to cover business Growth and Financing Planning Skills because most of them did not know how to do it. young entrepreneurs, learned how to focus on market and target customers, customer profiles, potential customer segments narrowing tour target market.

During the training young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to talk to these trainers to the various issues they face in their businesses include the lack of capital or the market and the problem of getting a higher loan which have interest rate in repayment.

Other participants asked questions on all the topics presented at the workshop, which focused on banking performance on services provided by banks to young entrepreneurs in order to facilitate their business.

The objectives of the training were to train youths from the College of Agriculture Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine at UR- CAVM youth in agribusiness focusing to help these youths to get financial management skills and sources of alternative financing to grow their businesses. in order to improve their pitching skills and to connect youth with business start-ups or business ideas with potential funders mainly financial institutions.

Nadine Manzi Acting Chief of Party of USAID explained  about Nguriza Nshore Project,  is a five-year, $14.9 million program funded by Feed the Future through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that will drive the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Rwanda and create non-farm jobs for rural Rwandans. To foster growth in SMEs across Rwanda, Nguriza Nshore will work with three complimentary players in the market ecosystem – financial institutions – banks and non-banks, SMEs, and the Government of Rwanda. Partnering with the private and public sectors, Nguriza Nshore will facilitate $15 million in debt,

$30 million in equity and foster the creation of 30,000 new jobs over its five-year lifespan (2018-2023). She said that they have program includes the preparation of workshops to help young entrepreneurs increase their skills and how they can reach out to financial institutions and provide them with loans through their project planning, she said.

She noted the project will continue to work with various financial institutions and other youth organizations to build them their skills. 

Madam Esperance NYIRAMUCYO , The Ag chairperson of Rwanda Youth I Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) She told the youth who attended the workshop that there are many opportunities for young people in agriculture in Rwanda, where the country is doing its best to get a variety of financial support for businesses in agriculture.

She thanked the role of all stakeholders in building the capacity of young agri-preneurship to grow their businesses. She concluded by urging the youth in agriculture to be honest in what they do, and to use well opportunities were given by our country.

Rwanda is a nation whose people’s livelihood depends on agriculture – a sector that contributes 33% to the national GPD and more than 70% of the jobs. RYAF in collaboration with USAID Nguriza Nshore Project recognize the role of young entreneurship in Agriculture in Rwanda’s overall transformation agenda and are committed to by providing various trainings to young people with various agricultural businesses in order to increase their knowledge and teach them how to do business proposal through connecting them with financial institutions to get loans.

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