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Meet with Gloriose Mugiraneza Umuhoza, Pig Farmer in Gankenke District

Pig farming is one of the ways to be entrepreneur, which could trigger young generation towards the Livestock sector. Gloriose Mugiraneza Umuhoza lives in Gakenke District, Kivuruga Sector in Northern Province, and she is doing pig farming.

“After completing secondary in 2014, I had an idea of how to become an entrepreneur, so I started poultry farming, but it was not going as well as I wanted, then I decided to shift from Poultry farming to pig farming. I started with one pig; in a short time the pig started farrowing” Mugiraneza Umuhoza Gloriose said

By the time when i started pig farming i was facing a lot of challenges such as expansion of pig farming, building modern pigpen, and water harvesting, I got a chance that i  received a grant from UNDP through MINAGRI, which was intended for supporting  young entrepreneurs in implementing climate Resilient Agriculture Projects.

She said Grant helped her to expand pig farming from 5 to 7 pigs; I built a modern pigpen and practised water harvesting, and urge my fellow youth to start creating job through the agriculture sector as one of a solution to reduce youth unemployment.

Rwanda has been investing in facilitating the young entrepreneurs to enter modern farming and agribusiness including climate-resilient programmes to modernize farming.  Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) has heavily invested in integrating youth into the sector to energize the course along with agriculture modernization.

 The importance of youth empowerment is recognized in the Forth Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation (PSTA4) under skills development for agriculture value chain actors, which focus on support and empowerment of rural value chain actors to profitably engage in farm and off-farm activities.

Therefore, MINAGRI received through The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) a grant to support young entrepreneurs in implementing climate Resilient Agriculture Projects. This Fund will improve young women and men farmers’ livelihoods and climate Resilience through the adoption of agro-ecological production technologies in the selected drought and landslide-prone areas of the country such as Kayonza, Bugesera and Nyagatare districts in Eastern Province and Rulindo & Gakenke in Northern Province.

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