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The Youth in Agroecology and Business Learning Track in Africa (YALTA) and its partners on March 30-2nd 2021 in Northern and Eastern Province of Rwanda held discussions with members of Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) and other stakeholders of Rwanda’s Agriculture sector to see how more youth can get engaged in agroecology farming and take the lead in the country’s agriculture transformation journey.

The event were part of an event dubbed” Youth and Agroecology National Caravan 2021” held under theme” Promoting agroecology as a and Unlocking the business opportunities for youth in Rwanda” as a basis of coalition to foster agri-preneurship among the youth

The Youth and Agroecology National Caravan 2021 aims to enabling young agripreneurs to gain practical knowledge, skills, approaches, through peer-to-peer exchanges and learning from youth-led agribusiness enterprises, exposure field visits to youth-led and successful farms/firms within and beyond their own horizons.

Speaking at the opening of the 2-day event, Dr Antony KARANGWA who were represented UR CARVEM pointed out that some people think that agriculture is done by the poor, yet it feeds 7 billion people worldwide, whereby it has to provide three meals per person per day

Therefore, tipped the youth to seek information on available incentives that support youth engaged in agribusiness. The agriculture sector contributes around a third of the country’s GDP and employs around 58% of the country’s wrking population. The Youth and Agroecology National Caravan 2021 is gathering 25 youth both female the ages of 18-35, rural and urban, start –ups and progressive entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector especially those involved in the production, value addition.

Olivier MUVANDIMWE   Programme Manager at RYAF said that agroecology presents an opportunity for the youth to tap into.

“We should bear in mind that agriculture should be Sustainable to provode healthy and nutritious food to both the current and future generations.That has an opportunity for the youth who venture into agroecology” he said

He encouraged more youth to venture into agriculture as the sector has huge potential for business opportunities with high returns for themselves and rest of the population.

The youth in Agroecology National Caravan 2021 targets young innovators, marketers, youth leaders who are already passionate and motivated about their businesses and are ready to be change-makers in developing sustainable and scalable agroecological business modes.

During the youth in Agroecology National Caravan 2021fields visits and other facilitate easy learning, each group will be facilitated by the farm managers. For the first day a group of 15 participants will be able to visit 2 farms in Northern Province and other group from Eastern Province of Rwanda will be able to visit one farm on the last day of this caravan.

This caravan was organized by YALTA Rwanda in collaboration with MINAGRI, RYAF, AGRITERRA, Help Child Rwanda, University of Rwanda, Three Mountain, LOAM, YEAN Rwanda, UNILAK and others.


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