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New efforts to strengthen Rwanda’s youth capacity in small livestock.

On Wednesday 17th June 2021, Rwanda Youth in agribusiness Forum (RYAF held an event for signing the Memorandum of understanding based partnership with) USAID Orora Wihaze Rwanda to collaborate in areas that empower and capacitate youth in agriculture especially those ones in small livestock animal production agro-processing and aggregation. Collaboration is going to start through internship opportunities to our young graduates in animal production, food science, nutrition, agribusiness and veterinary. 

The event took place at Orora Wihaze Rwanda ’s Office at Kacyiru, Gasabo District., This agreement was signed by RYAF Ag Chairman and Corporate Liaison Manager Mrs. Esperance NYIRAMUCYO with Dennis Karamuzi  , the Chief of Party of USAID /Orora Wihaze Rwanda.

Via his twitter handle wall Dennis KARAMUZI COP of Orora Wihaze Rwanda expressed his satisfaction at the new agreement on close cooperation between USAID Orora Wihaze and RYAF by supporting young people who are in small livestock in our country especially those ones in creating innovations, ASF Production and Marketing pigs, poultry, Fish and sheep, goat.

Ms. Esperance NYIRAMUCYO commended USAID for its excellent cooperation with RYAF in their various projects in the country. She said that many USAID projects show a willingness to work with young people especially those in agriculture and livestock in our country in order to increase their knowledge and support youth projects. She reaffirmed that the agreement will increase the number of young people living on small livestock in Rwanda.

The USAID Orora Wihaze Rwanda is an activity working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) to increase availability, access and consumption of animal sourced foods.

The Orora Wihaze (Raise Animals for Self-Sufficiency) activity works with local partners and private sector actors in Rwanda to strengthen the ASF market system. Orora Wihaze targets ASF producer and consumer households in Rwanda’s Burera, Gakenke, Nyamagabe, Nyamasheke, Rutsiro, Ngororero, Kayonza and Ngoma districts.

The goal of the FTF Orora Wihaze activity is to sustainably increase the availability of, access to, and consumption of ASF through the development of a profitable market. This will be achieved by a selection of interventions under two broad objectives i) Private Sector-Led ASF Value Chains Strengthened; ii) Increase Demand for ASF Consumption for Women and Children.

From RYAF Communication Team

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