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Meet with Aline Iraguha who starts fruits & vegetable farming

Marie Aline Iraguha 22-year-old is the founder and CEO of Ali Farms Groups Ltd which is growing fruits and vegetables mainly watermelon in Bugesera District, Rilima Sector, Nyabagendwa Cell, Cyoma Village.

Aline says that even though she started growing vegetables and fruits, she studies business at African Leadership University, What made her venture into agribusiness is that she loves it.

He cultivated watermelon on 1Ha where she employs only 5 employees, during this pandemic situation (Covid-19) Aline says she faced a lot of challenges including the problem of not being able to go to the field and also market problems.

“I still face the challenges of a small capital, which cannot allow me to make a big impact on my community, and also it prevents me from expanding my project, but I still believe I can achieve my dream” Aline Says .

Aline recommended that youth who are in agribusiness needed support in providing mentorship, training and advice, information sharing on fund and grant opportunities.

Her advice to the youth would be to go for it. If you love something, go for it, there will be a lot of opportunities and people who will be willing to help you along the way.

In the 7-year government program (2017-2024 National Strategy for Transformation, NST 1). It is divided into three pillars: Economy Transformation, Social Transformation and Governance Transformation.

Priority Area 1: Create 1,500,000 (over 214,000 annually) decent and productive jobs for economic development. Key strategic interventions: 1. Develop and support priority sub-sectors with high potential for growth and employment including Agro-processing, Construction, Light manufacturing, Meat and Dairy, Leather, Textiles and Garments, Horticulture, Tourism, Knowledge-based services, value addition and processing of Mining products, Creative Arts, Aviation, Logistics, and Transportation.

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